Lisbon: the city of light


The sun sparkles off the waters of the River Tagus and the black and white paving stones - calçada portuguesa - of its steep little streets. Lisbon has been making its way up the list of the top European cities to live in for a number of years now. Its rich history, the sense of security, the beauty of its historic centre and the kindness of its inhabitants all attract a growing number of expats - and increasingly families - looking for serenity and quality of life. The city’s vibrancy, the quality of its telecommunications, and the resurgence of its gastronomic and artistic scenes make this capital city the ideal place for home office working. 

The real estate market

Lower than other European capitals, prices in Lisbon have almost doubled in five years. The most sought-after properties are in the golden triangle, between Estrela, Avenida da Liberdade and Chiado. You’re looking at around €5,500 to €10,000 per square metre in Estrela and Amoreiras, and €7,500 to €15,000 for Chiado, Avenida da Liberdade and Príncipe Real. Demand remains above supply. Lisbon does not cover a large area and it is no longer possible to build in the city centre. The dilapidated housing stock has been undergoing renovation in recent years.

Our advice

The centre of Lisbon, where everything can be found - restaurants, hotels, gardens, charming squares, shops, museums, art galleries - and where everything is within walking distance. The airport is nearby, the metro has several lines and electric bikes are available to get around. Trains run between the city and Cascais (and the beach) as well as to big cities like Porto and Faro.

“Estrela, Príncipe Real, Avenida da Liberdade and Chiado are the most fashionable districts.”

Recommendations “Whatever your project, Lisbon will have a district to suit.”

The secret to Lisbon “There are seven hills in Lisbon and spectacular view points. Make sure you choose an apartment bathed in light with an exterior and a good neighbourhood. You’ll find new developments as well as already renovated properties.” - Filipa Frey-Ramos, Manager BARNES Portugal

Dive into the new creative scene

BARNES has put together a selection of top restaurants, fashionable shopping and cultural venues for your getaway to the Portuguese capital. Diaries at the ready!




This modern art gallery is specialised in contemporary art and places the spotlight on renowned Portuguese artists.

Underdogs — R. Fernando Palha 56, 1950-132 Lisbon


In her gallery opened just six months ago, Anne-Laure Pilet exhibits emerging authors, primarily Portuguese but also international. Ceramics by Elsa Rebelo, Almerinda Gillet and Thomas Mendonça, vases by the Italian Giacomo Alessi and paper sculptures by Séverine de la Chapelle. A bold and unique choice that reflects the soul of its founder and which has met with growing success.

Analora — Rua de Sao Bento, 88 Lisbon

Galeria São Mamede

©Galeria São Mamede

With its antique arcades and its stone floors, the gallery is considered a local landmark at the heart of the city. It has a wide variety of rooms with expansive exhibitions.

Galeria São Mamede — R. da Escola Politécnica 167, 1250-101 Lisbon



Daring, fresh and provocative: just a few words that could describe this collective space that presents the work of contemporary creators from across the world.

Ainori — R. das Fontaínhas 70A, 1300-611 Lisbon



Opened in 2017, this contemporary art gallery is one of the most exciting new spots around. It exhibits emerging artists, both local and otherwise, throughout the year.

Balcony — R. Cel. Bento Roma 12A, 1700-165 Lisbon




This artist from the Basque Country left her native land to move to the Portuguese capital. Her atelier-boutique is filled with tastefully sculpted ceramic and pottery pieces.

Cécile M* — R. Poiais de São Bento 74, 1200-349 Lisbon

Yoyo Objects

©Yoyo Objects

This boutique opened by two designers and an architect showcases antique furniture, more specifically from the 50s and 80s. Which makes it the ideal place to unearth a few gems.

Yoyo Objects — R. Francisco Metrass 52 A, 1350-145 Lisbon

Under the cover

©Under the cover

This bookshop is not only filled with rare works by the greatest Portuguese authors, but it also stocks a broad selection of niche magazines.

Under the cover — R. Marquês Sá da Bandeira 88B, 1050-060 Lisbon

Pastéis de Belém

©Pastéis de Belém

If there’s one place to get delicious pastel de nata (a local culinary speciality), this is it. Make the most of the location to snap a few photos.

Pastéis de Belém — R. de Belém 84 92, 1300-085 Lisbon

The hottest reservations in town



A fish restaurant by the banks of the river. Well known among local residents, it’s the perfect place to celebrate, whatever the reason.

do Alecrim 35, 1200-014 Lisbon

The Ivens Hotel

©Hôtel Ivens

Inspired by two famous Portuguese explorers, this hotel is certainly extravagant. Teeming with lights and colours and lined by display cases housing a collection of bottles symbolising the wealth of the Portuguese terroir, the bar is like an etching from a cruise liner. Perched on a stool, clients can sample the octopus salad or the mushroom risotto accompanied by a glass of vinho verde. Next door, the restaurant Rocco serves fine Italian cuisine, including fresh pasta and handmade ravioli, while the rotisserie section specialises in matured meats. The Crudo Bar, set back slightly, serves up seafood and raw fish in a maritime atmosphere. A unique journey.

Capelo, 1200-224 Lisbon



If you’re looking for a restaurant that combines Mediterranean flavours and iconic local dishes, you’ve come to the right place.

Av. da República 48B, 1050-194 Lisbon



Enjoy a unique culinary experience at this trendy restaurant whose menu is based on fresh and seasonal products. All against an exceptional backdrop that is sure to make the moment unforgettable.

Av. da Liberdade 182 184, 1250-146 Lisbon

Sala de Corte

©Sala de Corte

One of the best steakhouses in Lisbon, serving only high-quality meat. Here, each piece is prepared in a 100% charcoal oven called a josper.

Praça Dom Luís I 7, 1200-148 Lisbon

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