Lausanne, a picturesque haven


The Olympic city of Lausanne is equal parts lustrous and vibrant and thanks to its reputed education institutions - not least among which the Hospitality Business School and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology -, the courtesy of its inhabitants and the sense of security that permeates. In an enviable position on the banks of Lake Geneva, against the backdrop of the Alps, the capital and largest city of the canton of Vaud offers an idyllic lifestyle for those with a penchant for calm and balance. From the ancient old city higher up the hills to the elegant constructions and futuristic headquarters on the lake shore, not to mention the bustling little streets of the Flon quarter and its Place de l’Europe, museums, art galleries, parks and restaurants are scattered across this unique and unspoilt décor whose value continues to climb.

The real estate market

Following a period of stability, prices are once again on an upward trend with a 15% to 20% increase since 2020. They currently range from CHF 8,000 to 10,000 in the outlying towns and neighbourhoods to the west and from CHF 12,000 to 15,000 in the chic districts to the east. Note that only foreigners with a long-stay residence permit are authorised to buy property in the region.

Our advice

The historic “Sous-Gare” quarter of Lausanne, close to the banks of the lake, holds a special attraction for its old buildings filled with character. Those looking for extraordinary villas should head to the east of the city towards the Coteaux de Lavaux, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which offer a breathtaking view of the lake and the Alps.

The trend

Villas and spacious properties with a terrace or garden are most in demand.

The secret to Lausanne “Property demand is particularly high. Buy off market where possible and don't hesitate to get in touch with us in order to have an ear to the ground.

Art of living

The land of good-living, Lausanne is brimming with delicious cultural and culinary discoveries.


The Musée Romain

@Le Musée romain

The Musée Romain, which places the spotlight on an array of archaeological discoveries in the areas around Lausanne. And don't forget to visit its lush garden which offers a stunning view over Lake Geneva.

Chemin du Bois-de-Vaux 24, 1007 Lausanne

The Fondation de l’Hermitage

@La Fondation de l’Hermitage

The Fondation de l’Hermitage, which showcases works of art from the Renaissance to the modern day. In the equally sublime setting of a 19th-century property built at the heart of a vast park overlooking Lake Geneva.

Route du Signal 2, 1018 Lausanne

All Stars

@All Stars

All Stars, an original venue run by two artists who promote diverse Swiss and international artistic movements.

Chemin de la Colline 1c, 1007 Lausanne

Foreign Agent

@Foreign Agent

Foreign Agent, an art gallery that places the focus on art and design from Africa and the diaspora. Established and emerging artists rub shoulders in the futuristic and truly one-of-a-kind venue.

Avenue d'Ouchy 64, 1006 Lausanne

Shopping or Out and about

Discover the Cuvée BARNES

Discover the BARNES cuvée - Chasselas grape variety for a natural sparkling wine, elaborated in collaboration with the artisan winemaker Jean-Christophe Piccard, within the Domaine Piccard (for four generations), a terraced vineyard in Lutry-Lavaux overlooking the Lake Geneva basin (UNESCO World Heritage since 2007).


Cully, a wine-growing village on the shores of Lake Geneva. Every spring it becomes the venue for the famous Festival de Jazz.



QWSTION, a concept store centred on the eco-responsible approaches of the region’s craftmakers. Among its various stocks, weekend hikers will find backpacks made to top-quality standards.

Rue du Tunnel 7, 1005 Lausanne



Gastéréa, a bookstore specialised in culinary books. The setting is straight out of the pages of history, a modern-day Ali Baba’s cave.

Rue Cité-Derrière 3, 1005 Lausanne

The hottest reservations in town

La Grappe d’Or

@La Grappe d’Or

La Grappe d’Or, a true institution in the region. Conviviality is practically a requirement here, along with the shared enjoyment of the traditional Italian flavours concocted by Chef Théotim Bioret.

Rue Cheneau-de-Bourg 3, 1003 Lausanne

Anne-Sophie Pic

@Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic, at Beau-Rivage Palace. The three Michelin-star chef serves up gourmet cuisine at this legendary venue that brings out the best of the trades that work the land — wine-growing, market gardening and cattle farming. All against a stunning backdrop that is worth a visit in itself.

Chemin de Beau-Rivage 21, 1006 Lausanne

La Poésia

@La Poesia

La Poésia, an Italian restaurant overflowing with charm. An address locals would probably best prefer to keep under wraps, so as to enjoy Chef Graziano Lomonte’s fanfare to the Puglia region all to themselves!

Avenue du Chablais 53, 1007 Lausanne

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