Deauville, the utmost luxury

The boardwalk, the beach, the casino, the racecourse, the golf courses, the hotels, the luxury brands; the timbered houses, the eccentric villas, the yearling sales... A prime holiday destination for Parisians, Deauville offers an exclusive mix of seaside and country living, leisure and business. Ideally located on the Côte Fleurie, in a picturesque and vibrant setting. Home deco boutiques and restaurants have popped up all over the town centre, while museums and galleries compete for the best exhibition. And this Norman star has just added another jewel to its crown with the opening of a museum, a media library, a concert hall-auditorium and a digital creation space, all in a former Franciscan orphanage.

The real estate

Following a contrasted period, a 20% to 25% increase has been observed in some properties over the last five years.  In Deauville, Tourgeville and Bénerville sur Mer, well-located apartments sell for between €9,000 and €10,000 per sq.m. An Anglo-Norman villa (within walking distance of the beach and the shops) with a garden will go for between €7,000 and €10,000 per sq.m depending on the amenities. And prices climb even higher for exceptional properties and apartments in Deauville’s Golden Triangle.

Sea views are particularly coveted (there are even waiting lists for future buyers), as are villas and apartments near the shops with access to the beach, and country residences in quiet surroundings with outbuildings and good-sized reception rooms.

Our advice

“Focus on the Golden Triangle near the town centre in Deauville for access to everything on foot. Or the nearby countryside, surrounded by sumptuous horse farms (Tourgeville, Saint-Pierre-Azif, Saint-Étienne-la-Thillaye, Beaumont-en-Auge), just a 10-minute drive away to make the most of the magnificent landscapes of the Normandy bocage." Recommends Bénédicte Belvisi, Associate Director Barnes Deauville.

“Our team of 9 consultants has a thorough knowledge of the coastal sectors, from Honfleur to Granville, as well as the Pays d’Auge.”

Recommendations “Vendors increasingly want to sell their property off market. So don't hesitate to contact us directly as not all of our listings are necessarily on display.”

The secret to Deauville “Its proximity to Paris and the coast. It’s the ideal place for family weekends and vacations.”

Art of living

Deauville and its surroundings are teeming with top restaurants, trendy boutiques and new cultural venues. Diaries at the ready!


Galerie Broomhead Junker

©La Galerie Broomhead Junker

A well-known address among collectors, this gallery exhibits contemporary art as well as a vast array of print works, including drawings by Jean Cocteau and works by Dolorès Ling inspired by Chinese calligraphy.

7 rue Hoche, 14800 Deauville

Villa Strassburger

©La Villa Strassburger

This picturesque villa, commissioned by Baron Henri de Rothschild in the early 20th century, is a must-see. By appointment only, visitors can discover the period furniture and Belle Époque décor so characteristic of the region.

Avenue Strassburger, 14800 Deauville

The Paléospace

©Le Paléospace

A museum located just a few miles outside of Deauville, dedicated to the Greenwich meridian, the Villers-Blonville marsh and the fossils discovered at the Vaches Noires cliffs.

5 avenue Jean Moulin, 14640 Villers-sur-Mer

The Villa du Temps retrouvé

©La Villa du Temps retrouvé

An exceptional manor house dedicated to Marcel Proust, open to visitors all year-round.

15 avenue du Président Raymond Poincaré, 14390 Cabourg


Les Accords Parfaits

©Les Accords Parfaits

A wine shop and delicatessen selling a vast array of sweet and savoury products. On the menu: regional specialities, as well as world-famous French classics.

3 place du Marché, 14800 Deauville

La Maison Deauville

©La Maison Deauville

A home store offering a range of interior decoration and furniture. All in a Belle Époque building.

11 rue Edmond Blanc, 14800 Deauville



Showcasing a medley of creators as well as renowned and more little-known beauty brands.

26 rue Gambetta, 14800 Deauville

La Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent

©La Poterie du Mesnil de Bavent

An iconic store in the region, just a few miles out of Deauville.

Route de Caen-Cabourg D513, 14860 Bavent

The hottest reservations in town

Maximin Hellio

©Maximin Hellio

A restaurant with just 40 covers serving authentic and seasonal cuisine in a space devoted to sharing. On the menu: lobster using my father’s recipe, Mallemort asparagus caviar, Marans egg yuzu and grapefruit Turbot.

64 rue Gambetta, 14800 Deauville



A Michelin-starred restaurant where Parisian Chef Charles Thuillant and Korean Chef Mi-Ra Kim accentuate travel and a love of good food. Bonus: the takeaway Asian streetfood corner for marinated, confit pork belly bao or chirashi.

29 rue Mirabeau, 14800 Deauville

La Flambée

©La Flambée

Where flambé grilling at the table is a speciality, as the name suggests. The menu by Chef Christelle Boissée includes a variety of both meat and fish.

81 rue du Général Leclerc, 14800 Deauville



Serving heart-warming food against a yacht cabin decor. Chef Laurent makes it a point of honour to build his menu from seasonal products and seafood.

27 rue Désiré le Hoc, 14800 Deauville


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