Chamonix, scenery to leave you breathless


The world capital of mountaineering, Chamonix sits atop the Alps. Here, skiing is a lifestyle. From the peaks of Mont Blanc to the mountainside of the Pic de l’Aiguille, the slopes wind their way over more than 150km (90 miles) of breathtaking landscapes and snowscapes. Its outstanding location at the heart of the unspoilt valley and its proximity to Geneva international airport make Chamonix a top destination year round. One that is notably attracting more and more families for the purity of its air, the elegance of its turn-of-the-century architecture, and the high-quality and range of the services on offer.

The real estate market

Prices have increased by 15% on average since 2019.  Apartments in a prime location in the centre with a view of Mont Blanc go for between €12,000 and €14,000 per square metre, while chalets in the most popular areas – Les Praz, Les Bois, Les Nants, Les Moussoux – can reach up to €16,000 per sq.m.

Our advice

The neighbourhoods within easy walking distance from the centre with a view of Mont Blanc: For sports fans, Les Praz (close to the ski lifts and the golf course), for nature lovers Argentière and the upper reaches of the valley, and for main family residences, Les Houches.

Inside tip

Slightly out of the way but with fast access to Chamonix, La Griaz and Saint-Antoine aux Houches both offer inviting opportunities. Within the municipality, the Les Gaillands and Les Bossons sectors afford spectacular views of Mont Blanc as well as attractive prices. - Oonagh Mackenzie, Directror BARNES Chamonix

Art of living

Michelin-star restaurants, sports adventures, breathtaking landscapes and local shops – Chamonix is teeming with activities that place the emphasis on elegance.


French Ice Hockey Championship


Every year, the Richard Bozon ice-skating rink plays hosts to the sport’s national championships. Get ready to gape in awe at the hockey players gliding across the ice and cheer on the local team – the Pionniers.

Patinoire du centre sportif Richard Bozon, 214 avenue de la Plage, 74400 Chamonix

La Mer de Glace


An incredible grotto filled with blue-tinted ice the colour of the sky. An adventure that awaits after a thrilling ride on a red train and a climb up the long steps winding up the mountainside.


Step into the Void

Get ready to brush the void with your fingertips for those brave enough to try out this tourist attraction! In a glass box suspended over the Aiguille du Midi, it’s as if you’re walking on air as you gaze out across the valley from a viewpoint normally only enjoyed by birds.

Aiguille du Midi, 74400 Chamonix




The Chamonix branch of Moncler is filled with garments to wear both on and off the slopes. The exceptional quality of the down used ensures top-quality jackets and accessories that combine both comfort and style.

90 rue Joseph Vallot, 74400 Chamonix



Ogier sports equipment is a mix of sleek design and incredible functionality. A retro-inspired après-ski look that you won't want to take off even back in Paris, or contemporary sneakers - chic and practical always go hand in hand here.

31 rue Joseph Vallot, 74400 Chamonix

L’Alpage des Aiguilles


A grocer’s store filled with the sweet smells of the mountain pastures, including long-ripened cheeses, meticulously prepared cold meats, liqueurs distilled from plants of the forest, and fir honey. Shelves filled with inspiration...

91 rue Joseph Vallot, 74400 Chamonix

The hottest reservations in town

Le Matafan


Mickey Bourdillat serves up a generous menu to fill up on after a hard day outdoors. Whether it’s a Savoyard classic or reworked with a new twist, what better reward for your efforts, to be savoured against a backdrop of wood logs.

62 allée du Majestic, 74400 Chamonix

Albert 1er


 The Michelin-star restaurant of one of the most popular hotels in Chamonix is a must-try dining experience. We’re particularly partial to the catch of the day from Lake Geneva and the milk-fed calf's sweetbread accompanied by a kumquat relish and a hint of gentian.

38 route du Bouchet, 74400 Chamonix

La Bergerie de Planpraz


La Bergerie is no ordinary refuge. This restaurant amidst the slopes offers a variety of vegan options in addition to French cuisine, always with an emphasis on elegance. As demonstrated, for example, by its onion squash with cockles for a subtle yet gourmand pleasure.

Télécabine de Planpraz, 74400 Chamonix

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