Cassis, a place in the sun


Nestled between the Massif des Calanques and the Massif du Cap Canaille mountain ranges and set against a backdrop of one of the oldest vineyards in France, Cassis is a truly charming little village, what with its white boats with brightly coloured edging bobbing around in the port, its pastel-coloured houses, and its narrow streets adorned with flowers that are perfect for a lazy stroll. Meanwhile, petanque players gather on the large square, in the shadow of the 13th-century château perched on the hill above. The various little fine sandy beaches dotted along the secret and mysterious rocky inlets, or calanques, make for some pretty idyllic little havens, while the scent of myrtle and rosemary fills the air. Honestly, what’s not to love?

The real estate market

Property sale prices have increased by an average of 30% over the past five years, with prices currently ranging from €7,000 to €10,000 per sq.m for an apartment and from €8,000 to €15,000 per sq.m for a house. Villas with sea views, gardens and pools, and apartments with gardens or terraces in the centre of the village are the most sought after.

Our advice

The Presqu'Île, Bestouan and Triangle d’Or (‘Golden Triangle’) neighbourhoods (between Revestel, Saint-Joseph and Les Janots).  When it comes to buying a property, we recommend starting your search in the autumn or at the start of the year, when home-owners are most likely to make a decision. If you’re selling, our advice would be to put your property on the market in early spring, when the gardens are in bloom and the light is brightest. - Claude LEONETTI, Deputy Director BARNES Cassis

Art of living

There’s more to Cassis than simply Provençal tradition and latest trends; in fact, the town has some real gems to offer when it comes to culture, gastronomy and shopping, too. Here are the BARNES hot tips.


The museum of Art and Popular Traditions

Musée d'art et de tradition

@Musée d'art et des traditions populaires

The museum of Art and Popular Traditions in Cassis is the place to go if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture and discover all its secrets.

Place Baragnon, 13260 Cassis

Galerie Salvador

galerie Salvador

@Galerie Salvador 

Galerie Salvador showcases contemporary and urban art and is a great way to (re)discover street art from a new perspective and in a minimalist space.

40 Rue du Jeune Anacharsis, 13260 Cassis

The Salles Voûtées

Located in the main courtyard of the town hall on Place Baragnon, the Salles Voûtées (‘Vaulted rooms’) host a varied selection of both regional and international artists and sculptors throughout the year when they choose to showcase their latest creations in Cassis.

Place Baragnon, 13260 Cassis

The Cosquer Cave

grotte cosquer

@la grotte Cosquer

A replica of the Cosquer Cave opens its doors on Saturday 4th June at the Villa Méditerranée, providing an opportunity to look back at the story of how this exceptional cave, located in the calanques (rocky inlets) was discovered.

Cap Morgiou, Parc National des Calanques

Le printemps du livre

Le printemps du livre: a celebration of writing and of literature, where the invited writers are gradually led to reveal the process of their creation, to reveal themselves to their readers and to dialogue with them, in a profound respect for literature. Each year, the Printemps du livre de Cassis combines literature with cinema, music, photography and the arts. Jazz concerts, exhibitions, projections and debates are organized during this event.

4 Rue Dr Séverin Icard, 13714 Cassis


L’Art du Temps

l'art du temps

@l'art du temps 

L’Art du Temps sells works of art alongside hand-picked items of furniture, all carefully selected by manager Stéphane.

10 Rue Pierre Eydin, 13260 Cassis




Épisode sells luxury and designer goods including stylish leather pieces by Jérôme Dreyfuss. Perfect for updating your wardrobe, whatever the season.

10 Avenue Victor Hugo, 13260 Cassis

L’Eau de Cassis

l'eau de cassis

@l'eau de cassis

L'Eau de Cassis is a perfumery that creates both fragrances and scented soaps and also stocks a range of stylish candles to fragrance your home.

23 Avenue du Docteur Emmanuel Agostini, 13260 Cassis

En Pagaille !

en pagaille !

@En Pagaille !

En Pagaille ! A children’s shop selling toys, baby clothes and even decorative pieces, all designed to cater to the tastes and needs of children under 10.

17 Avenue du Docteur Emmanuel Agostini, 13260 Cassis

The hottest reservations in town

Le Grand Bleu

le grand bleu

@Le Grand Bleu 

Le Grand Bleu: a traditional and iconic restaurant on the port serving dishes such as John Dory, ratatouille and mussels produced using fresh, seasonal produce.

12 Quai des Baux, 13260 Cassis

La Table du 7

la table du 7

@la table du 7 

La Table du 7 is where you’ll find chefs Justine Ravetti & Antoine Jure serving up locally-sourced seasonal produce (of course) as part of a menu incorporating both gourmet and market cuisine.

7 Quai des Baux, 13260 Cassis

La Vieille Auberge

Family-run restaurant La Vieille Auberge opened in the port of Cassis in 1978 and has remained there ever since, serving organic and seasonal local produce and Provençal cuisine in authentic surroundings.

14 Quai Jean Jacques Barthélémy, 13260 Cassis

Les Belles Canailles

Whether you choose the sophisticated Les Belles Canailles, the Mediterranean cuisine of Le Rocco or the waterfront location of Le Loup Bar, the three restaurants at the 5-star Hôtel des Roches Blanches are the perfect places to immerse yourself in the local cuisine while enjoying breath-taking views (of the sea).

9 Avenue des Calanques, 13260 Cassis

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