A setting worthy of Proust, in Le Marais

This extraordinary family house up for rent in Le Marais area is probably unique in Paris. SoBARNES gives you a sneak peek, with just a hint of nostalgia.

PARIS – Some moments remain untouched by time. Moments that take us back to our childhood, to memories that time has enhanced, sharpened. We are in a discreet cul-de-sac in Le Marais, just off Place des Vosges. Behind the wooden door lies another world, far from Paris. With its trees and flowers, the paved courtyard looks like a countryside patio, complete with café chairs taken straight out of a village postcard. Behind these walls is something timeless.

More family home than grand townhouse, this 5,630 sq ft bourgeois residence enjoys complete peace and quiet. The sounds of the city are far away, leaving us free to let our imagination flow. It has recently been redeveloped and redecorated by its owner, the humble director of a major group promoting the exquisite luxury of French art de vivre. And art de vivre is truly what is expressed in each of these 10 rooms. From the alluring veranda with its table to catch the last rays of sunshine, whatever the season, to the lounges and dining room on the ground floor, subtly furnished with that je-ne-sais-quoi that all grand houses have.

The five bedrooms, including some under the eaves, provide a haven for relaxation and daydreaming. “For a long time I went to bed early”, the words with which Marcel Proust began his novel In Search of Lost Time. He would have surely loved this house, with its interplay of light and transparency. The serenity that reigns here is contagious, amidst the wood, stone and noble fabrics. You can just imagine the smell of madeleines coming from the kitchen oven... Like in Combray. Naturally.

The good news is this marvel is available to rent (long term) with BARNES Rentals Paris. And it can be our little secret, but you’ll find a gym and a pool in the basement! After all, modern life and nostalgia aren't necessarily incompatible.

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