Aston Martin relaunches the Goldfinger DB5!

Aston Martin dared it. Dared to take on a myth. Dared to relaunch production (limited to just 25 cars) of one of the most famous cars in cinema history: James Bond’s DB5 in Goldfinger. Complete with all its gadgets!

The first of the 25 DB5 Goldfinger Continuation cars rolled off the Aston Martin production line in early July and has already become an international star. A sophisticated toy with a $3 million price tag, it features, just as it did in 1964, revolving number plates, (simulated) front machine guns in the turn signals, retractable bullet resistant rear shield, rear water delivery system (in the film, Bond uses oil to throw off his enemies, but OK...), a smoke screen delivery system, and front and rear bumpers with built in battering rams.

The illusion is complete in the cabin, with a simulated radar screen, a telephone in the driver’s door, a hidden cache of weapons under the driver’s seat, and a remote control for gadget activation. This DB5 is exclusively available in Silver Birch grey, like the original, with a 290 hp 4-litre 6-cylinder engine powered by 3 SU carburettors (you can’t get more vintage than that!) mated to a 5-speed gearbox. All 25 continuation cars have already been reserved, with deliveries expected to run until the end of 2020.

To answer the question you’ve been asking yourself – admit it! Does this DB5 offer an ejector seat for unwanted passengers, THE gadget that made such an impression when Goldfinger was released? #SoBARNES has the answer: for obvious safety reasons, this was unfortunately not possible. But the shift knob does indeed conceal the red ejector system release button. And the car can optionally be fitted with a removable roof panel above the passenger's head. Including female passengers!


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