The sweet life of the Upper East Side

Some say it's the only authentic neighborhood left in New York. And sure, the 1 percenters have protected the territory well. You’ve dreamed of admittance, and now we open the doors of the ultra-luxurious townhouses, mansions, and apartments on the Upper East Side.

The most exclusive neighborhood in NYC

The blocks of the Upper East Side (UES for insiders) are some of the most coveted in all the (is)land. The UES is one, if not the, most affluent neighborhood in Manhattan notorious home of the rich and famous in discreet post-war townhouses, mansions, as well as the newer lavish apartment buildings.

Upper East Siders are human, just like us, but often come with: a Bichon (of the Westminster Kennel Club), a nanny or two, membership to a board or association, and pearls that have passed from generation to generation for … generations.

Its prestigious reputation does precede itself. But what they don’t tell you is that locked behind the high-end shops of Madison Avenue and the chlorophyll of Central Park, are tranquil residential streets, where large families are being raised and doormen serve as both confidants and third eyes.

While the titles Museum Mile and Millionaires Row compete on Fifth Avenue, Upper East Siders take to the tree-lined streets, armed with double strollers, in between SoulCycle sessions and playdates; kids in blazers take over the sidewalks between 3 and 5 pm; and the few young professionals in the area are either battling for a cab to get downtown, or settle for the No. 6 train. In any case, the elegance of the UES is unmatched and therefore reigns supreme.

To the top of the "social ladder"

Between us, a high social status requires more than a taste for the best cashmere Barneys has to offer, but also a taste for fine gourmet and knowing where to find restaurants that will satisfy your palate.

Meet for brunch at Cafe d’Alsace for a Frenchy atmosphere; or Felice 83, to wine and dine like it’s ‘83 again; and everyone you need to know meets at Beyoglu (write that one down) for an exotic bite.

Of course, it is required to go to (as well as to throw) all the posh dinner parties. Catered food at the expense of networking on behalf of your little ones isn’t too bad, if only to secure play-dates at St. Catherine’s Park, which are taken as seriously as multi-million dollar mergers. Besides, wouldn’t you want to properly vet your children's suitors and future business partners at the same time?

Another important step is getting your (unborn) children on the list for the neighborhood’s most elite nurseries and prep schools, such as Marymount or Birch Wathen Lenox (a 5 figure investment per year), and then you can release them to the Ivy Leagues with peace of mind.

Culture on the UES

The lifestyle of the UES extends further to its cultural institutions. Whether that be benefit galas at the Guggenheim and Metropolitan Museum of Art, or outings to the exhibitions of the Met Bruer.  It’s nice for art collectors and aficionados to be in close range of their stock, or those who like to make use of their gowns and black ties at the Met Opera for upscale date nights, and a final romantic stroll by those infamous white steps--but if you’re really serious, a staycation at the Carlyle Hotel and its fabulous bars.

In the end, the quality of life on the Upper East Side is exquisite and worth every penny.

It’ll only be the Upper East Side if …

  1. Your kids have watched all the seasons of Gossip Girl
  2. It's a view of Central Park or nothing
  3. Roosevelts, Rockefellers, Kennedys, and who? You.


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