The whole nine yards

In Miami, one of the trendiest cities on the planet, nothing is done halfway. As a melting pot of all styles of architecture, restaurants and nationalities, everything is done in full. From ultra-sophisticated to casual-chic, you’ll find it all at the Wynwood Yard. It’s hip and unique, located in the heart of the designer and artist’s district.

After walking in the streets of Wynwood, discovering those huge colorful frescoes known as “street art,” you’ll be completely taken by this unusual place at 56 NW 29th. American-style yet guinguette-like, the yard is beautifully lit with garlands of light hanging from the trees, immediately setting the festive and cheerful tone of the Wynwood Yard. It's the go-to meeting spot for people in Miami, whether for a quick lunch break or happy hour, a moment of relaxation with friends or a low-maintenance dinner.

The layout of the Yard is special. In the middle is a huge square bar, surrounded by food trucks with sophisticated design. At its simplest, aluminum and 50s style, and more elaborate, a black aluminum truck lined with bay windows for a direct line of sight to the pizza oven of Morgan's pizzaïolo, in the purest Italian tradition (deep and round).

When it comes to food, you have multiple choices. You order and choose the table. The menus vary from Asian trends, 100% herbal, rotisserie chickens, crisp pizzas and burgers (it’s the American way!).

We have a soft spot for Della Test Kitchen, their slogan is approved by SoBarnes: "healthy bowls of happy." You’ll discover unexpected flavors in their delicious bowls of grains, vegetables, proteins, and fresh legumes.

And for a little more sophistication, the Charcoal Garden Bar & Grill and its golden terrace is a must. An unconventional decor, a cargo container with a glass front, striped wallpaper and black & white prints. For a tasty French touch, start with a plate of charcuterie and cheese.

But the night’s not over yet. At the Wynwood Yard we explore the pop-up shops and listen to the smooth tunes of live music. We even dance with the Brothers of Others late into the night. Tomorrow, we’ll return during the day for a yoga class or a painting class if inspiration calls (it will). A piece of advice: make sure your personal event calendar is in sync with Wynwood… we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the yard.

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