Time for contemplation in Paris

After having sold your music label to an industry giant for a tidy sum, you decided to leave Los Angeles to give your children a new cultural experience. The plan was to stay two years, but you grew to love the charms of Parisian life. Not to mention the excitement you felt when you first saw this 2,518 sq ft apartment. Now your wife is taking cooking and painting restoration classes, your children are practically bilingual and you, well you’ve rediscovered the pleasures of walking. You spend at least 4 hours every day strolling from Étoile to Montmartre, from Pont Neuf to Luxembourg, from the Louvre to Orsay with a detour via Marmottan as you wind your way through Paris and its museums. And once back in your adoptive 16th arrondissement, perched in your 6th floor duplex apartment, you watch the sky change from the huge window in the lounge with its almost 20ft ceiling height, you act as cook's helper taking orders from your wife in the stunning kitchen, you listen to the sounds of the city from your 161 sq ft terrace or your read in French with your children, taking corrections on your grammar and pronunciation! Maybe this cultural discovery was partly for you, too, after all.

Prix : € 3 850 000



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