The call of the tropics in Mauritius

As for many people, 2020 has revolutionised your business model. Much to your surprise, you’ve discovered that the clients you thought needed a hands-on approach with regular meetings are in fact perfectly happy to communicate via phone and video calls. Perhaps the time has finally come to listen to that inner voice telling you to move to the tropics. Supposing you take the leap, it needs to be to an island with the least time difference possible. In that respect Mauritius seems ideal, being just 2 hours ahead of most of Europe. And as for this 3,025 sq ft villa in the idyllic setting of the Villas Valriche - with access to all of the estate’s facilities including one of the most stunning golf clubs in the Indian Ocean -, it meets all your criteria. The lush vegetation surrounding the infinity pool, the sea views and the climate are what clinch the deal. You can already see yourself in the hammock hung between two palm trees... While still working, of course!


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