Real Estate in Miami

Condos with panoramic ocean views, haciendas with fountains, mansions with 20 rooms, and still, new high-end programs ... Miami is the city of all investments and for all investors, convinced of its attractiveness and eternal youth. Investing in properties here is an extravagant endeavor, but always a safe bet. State of play.

Miami, a dynamic real estate market

The Florida real estate market remains attractive for foreign investors: lower prices than in Europe, the currency (dollar) is weaker than the Euro, a lenient tax and an ever increasing demand - more palm trees and sun .. .
And it's not over! More good news: Foreign investors don’t need a visa to invest in real estate in Miami, and are able to buy a remote estate without being on site - we suggest you still see your other half in person, to discover its features and make sure you enjoy it before signing. Like a marriage, but without the stepmother.

And to accompany you in your efforts? One realtor (BARNES, of course) since all US agents have access to the same listings, all catalogued in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

My home in Miami

At the front, an impeccable lawn with a driveway (also impeccable) to park all your horses; at the rear, a large garden with swimming pool, jacuzzi and lot of tropical plants: your Florida home is well surrounded. House or, more accurately, houses: spacious and bright in the midst of bourgeois, quiet, yet gigantic residential neighborhoods, rooted in the water, with a private marina, warm pool and 10 bathrooms (not counting those in the guest house).

In Coral Gables, an upscale family neighborhood of Miami, the beautiful homes are listed between 800,000 and 3 million dollars, while the larger villas, Hispanic or contemporary style, can reach 10 to 15 million dollars. Its neighbor, Coconut Grove, the more artistic atmosphere also has superb villas with its roots in water or buried in lush greenery, for an average of 2 to 5 million dollars.

Further south, in the large residential area of Pinecrest, houses and mansions are placed on the market for 2 to 4 million dollars, for an average of 5 bedrooms with as many bathrooms.

Condos, apartments and penthouses

You’re craving height? Flat as a ticket, Florida has been able to rise with beauty, evident by the large towers of Brickell, Downtown or Miami Beach, as well as the many projects underway all around.

The beautiful buildings blooming in Brickell/Downtown host conferences rooms and offices as well as luxury apartments, overlooking Biscayne Bay and the city lights. The advantage? If necessary (or too lazy), you can survive without ever leaving: the buildings are almost all equipped with a gym, swimming pool - often on a higher floor to avoid spoiling anything - a supermarket, an ATM, a club, etc. Expect between 1.5 and 7 million dollars to have the luxury of going out, while staying at home.

In a less professional atmosphere, Miami Beach is full of luxury buildings, with either views of Brickell/Downtown and the bay or of the ocean, out of sight. Of course there are large condos or penthouses, 6 to 7 rooms or smaller apartments suitable for a budget between 6 to 7 digits. Not complicated to calculate. Further north of the island, the atmosphere is more residential, with some houses on the water and some buildings, in an environment less exhausting than South Beach, but just as luxurious.

Speaking of islands, Key Biscayne, a privileged residential island has it all; superb beaches (among the most beautiful of Florida), numerous sports facilities, and gorgeous villas or apartments with breathtaking views. Beauty comes at a price: 15 to 20 million dollars, but for villas with half a dozen rooms - good, because many guests will be charmed by your residence.

Buy new in Miami

Real-estate in Miami is so dynamic that the demand is exceeding supply. What to do? Build. There are dozens of buildings emerging from the sand, revealing even more grandiose and luxurious apartments than their predecessors or neighbors.

By 2020, Downtown Miami and Brickell will have well-changed; more than 20 billion of real estate developments are expected ... In the midst of this maddening market, an apartment awaits. So, wait no more.

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