Where to buy big in Bordeaux

Along the Garonne River, the Sleeping Beauty of France is at rest. Like its fine wines and vineyards, chateaus and cultural landmarks, the city of Bordeaux and its real estate quietly acquire more and more value as the years roll by.

Secrets in the Cellar

It is no secret that Bordeaux is proud of its legacy as leader of the wine industry, bringing in 14.5 billion euros each year. And thus, this land holds some of the world’s most well-kept and elaborate vineyards hidden in the south-west, under the watch of grand chateaus.

So what’s the big secret? It’s that Bordeaux has a wide variety of lucrative luxury properties that have your name on it. A booming market rising at an unprecedented rate, in part to urban development's programs and the attractive lifestyle of the Bordelais(e), and with an investment of 2+ million euros, you can share in its of revenue ripening in the grape vines. And for that, a hectare or two of fertile land encompassed by a rich biodiversity and enough space for 3 ½ families, a tennis court, a private pool, a miniature golf course, a stable for your ponies and still room for a fully functioning vineyard.

With Parisian properties averaging 8,000 euros per square meter, Bordeaux wins at an average of just 3,000 euros per square meter. A steal if you ask us.

Charm of the Countryside

From across the sea, the land and around the world, Bordeaux charms interested parties: restless families, expats, even Parisians tired of its polluted air. Bordeaux, and it’s tree-lined cobbled stone streets link the tranquility of an enchanted abyss to a bustling city center. Even more, 40 kilometers to the West, the Atlantic Ocean, close proximity to Basque country and the slopes of Pyrenees.

All this can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own 18th century stone castle, a classic vintage score, drenched in beautiful foliage, surrounded by greenery and amenities of the new world. Residential properties generally are accompanied by excess terrain (always with an option to buy more), filled with endless possibilities, ready for your mending. Mansions and villas, centered on the plot, in typical Landes-style architecture, hold vast reception halls, terraces, verandas, guest homes, and garages. A budget of 6 figures will suffice, a budget of 8 will bedazzle.

A truly unique area to settle with your family, but be careful who you invite into your guest house, they may end up staying … forever.

Quality over quantity?

Sprinkling the stretching fields of Bordeaux’s picturesque landscape, known for its outstanding architectural ensemble, is revered for more than just its staples, chateaus, and country homes, but for its thriving population of both old and new money. Real-estate projects have been developing contemporary-style apartment, lofts and penthouses, ranging from ½ to 1 million euros, the to meet the demands of incoming young professionals and students that occupy the city center, with its welcoming parks, lush gardens, and museums that help the Borderlais(e) remember why their home is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

SoBarnes would never make you choose, Bordeaux offers both: quality and quantity (and at a good rate).

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