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No need for a polemic, if you hope to have a unanimous family vote, it will be La Baule and its Cote d'Amour (Coast of Love). The destination for big and small holidays that is the joy of big and small. The climate is idyllic, never too cold and never too hot.

We haven’t found time to get bored

First of all, the setting is beautiful: one of the most beautiful bays in Europe. And to buy your holiday home or your main residence, choose as much beauty as you can. And this family seaside resort offers, in all seasons, a multitude of activities. You’re sporty? Good: golf, horseback riding, polo, sand yachting, catamaran, swimming and club mickey - the celebrity immortalized in Diane Kurys' La Baule les Pins.

You are rather lazy, the promenade of Rexou on the beach, towel on the fine sand, ice cone in the left hand and the Gazette on the right, that is your program for the next 10 days. Perfection, do not change a thing. Not a second to bore, and it’s already time for an aperitif in the garden, under the shade of the pines; there, everyone agrees, the band is full of 7 to 77-year-olds.

Pink, yellow, with colonnades or on the ground

One of the characteristics of the region is its eclectic architecture. It's quite simple, it's about tastes and colors: Neo-Breton, Neo-Basque, Anglo-Norman or Art-Deco houses, red or green half-timbered houses, those with a Provençal touch have the mark of blue shutters. Everyone can find some kind of happiness.

As for number of rooms, this is a question that must be asked of Madame, the little ones multiply at a good rate in the country of the Loire (perhaps for climatic reasons?) 4-6 or 10 rooms. Some bauloise villas are majestic with a beautiful lawn that gently descends down to the beach and a breathtaking view of the ocean. The view and location are the 2 main criteria of selection.

For the neighborhoods, it's Monsieur BARNES, the expert who knows everything about everything. The most sought-after area of ​​Les Oiseaux, near the market, the Belle Epoque villa at La Baule les Pins (we have a weakness for this one, as you can tell), the Californian villa in the Benoît district, or the pretty chalet under the pines near the Dryades park. He is also the maestro of real estate, and for the figures, he gives us an average of 3,400 euros per m2 for a house. But the prices of new programs are flying high, the apartments are selling around
10,000 euros per m2. Well, for more details, a small discussion with Madame is necessary (for the number of rooms).

But like the Niniches of the Manuel’s candy shop (famous soft lollies to caramel, for those who disembark), the villas of La Baule sell like hotcakes. As for us, we go immediately to do the groceries!

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