How to buy property in the US

Have no fear! The US  real estate market is a global marketplace, extremely open and active for both foreign investors and Americans.

Penthouses overlooking the Hudson, mansions on the shores of the Pacific in Malibu, family homes in the lush greenery of Miami. Buying a residence in the US of A can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. You got options

Of course you want your name on a piece of land in the States, and you want it now. But slow down, there’s a process. You have to know what you want and how you want it. Your intentions: A permanent residence? A vacation home? A home for both business and pleasure? A sure investment? Family, friends, dogs, cats, ponies … all are welcomed to the United States and its various beautiful landscapes.

The luxury real estate market also provides options in make and model: apartments, mansions, duplexes, townhomes, plots, lofts, brand new or freshly renovated … it’s like Christmas, but better. Whether your prefer the city, country, or by the sea, there is only one place the can search to be done, and that’s through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which organizes all property listings on a national database. Easy, simple, and efficient.

2. You got backup

Questions or concerns about the property that’s caught our eye? It’s best to select the very best real estate agent to assist you. And it’s a no brainer: BARNES, they’ll read you the fine print, keep all the excessive paperwork very organized, and give you all the details on your new neighborhood and hotspots in the area (we help too). They’re also very handy in getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Another very important person during this process is the real estate lawyer. Depending on what state you plan on purchasing in, it’s a safe bet that the law needs to be on your side. Why? Because we want to ensure that your home purchase contract is secured with minimum loopholes. Also, you’ll want to make sure all your bases are covered to close seal the deal successfully.

3. You got … inspectors?

Yes, yes you do, and for good reasons. In the States, most contracts to purchase houses come with a very specific contingency: the contract will not be valid until the buyer, through a home inspector, has verified the conditions of the property.

It’s nothing to worry about, a General Home Inspection is designed with you in mind. The roof, basement, heating system, plumbing, electrical, etc. will be checked for code violations and deficiencies to make sure life in your new home runs smoothly, without any hiccups. And also, it’s a (big) liability.

These steps are essential to acquiring that luxury home in SoBarnes condition.

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