One for all and all for one, in Greece

You’ve been inseparable ever since you were teenagers. You and your two best buds. From detention companions, they became the witnesses at your wedding, your children’s godfathers and your start-up partners, and it was at their sides that you went on to sell your company for a fortune. So there was no way that you were each going to go your own way with the fruits of your labour. Which is why this property complex with its three houses on the island of Paros is perfect for you. Everyone has their own space, but you can come together at any time to relive the good old days. Spanning 2,303, 2,056 and 1,755 sq ft respectively, they’re perfectly adapted to the size of your families. Each has its own pool, but they all share one thing in common: the fabulous view over the surrounding islands. The three musketeers do Greece.

Prix :4 750 000€


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