On the shores of Miami’s Biscayne Bay

BARNES Miami is selling this haven of modern glamour: a villa overlooking the gorgeous Biscayne Bay.

Follow us for an all-new SoBARNES private viewing. Let’s head over to Florida to explore this stunning property in Palm Island, in the centre of Biscayne Bay. The inner sanctum of Miami.  The south-westerly sea view holds the promise of the region’s stunning sunsets (and lord knows it’s famous for them). This modern 8,619 sq ft villa doesn't just offer 9 bedrooms, a private jetty, a pool, a home cinema and terraces galore. To put it simply, it offers the American Dream.

It’s a rare chance to have 32,000 sq ft of land and 100 ft of shoreline onto the bay”, explains Enzo Rosani of BARNES Miami. Especially in Palm Island, one of the most sought-after areas, midway between the glamour of South Beach and Downtown Miami.” This man-made island, inaugurated in 1921 (Happy Birthday Palm Island! 100 years old - you don’t look a day over 70), is now a large, private, and secure estate which you can access by car via the MacArthur Causeway... or by boat of course. Speaking of which, docking is certainly not a problem at this villa.

And because this is Miami, after all, the facilities certainly aren’t lacking, from the home gym to the lift and from the poolside summer kitchen to the outdoor jacuzzi. As you’d expect. At $30 million (€25 million), its price is “average for this type of villa” says Enzo Rosani. It’s certainly up there in the figures, but Miami is now classed as one of the most liveable cities on the American continent. And one of the most influential. Hence its ranking among the TOP 5 destinations worldwide in the BARNES Global Property Handbook 2021 du BARNES Global Property Handbook 2021. Like we said, the American Dream!



Contacts :

BARNES Miami, 1150 SW 22nd St, Miami, FL 33129 - USA

Tél. : +1(305) 361 2233 / Barnes-miami.com 



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