Is this what you had in mind for a vacation in Saint-Tropez?

The price is nearly a secret
Last year it was Saint-Barts, this year you have your eye set on a dazzling vacation rental a few minutes from the beach in Les Salins.

The property’s style is impeccable, with a generous amount of outdoor living space, sprinkled with artistic sculptures and loungers around the swimming pool.

The interior’s quirky yet simple decor is exactly your taste, as if its designer was a mind reader and, of course, knew you would soon be en route.

And, as a natural host, you were impressed by its 6 guest bedrooms (in addition to 2 master suites), which is ideal for sharing such a beautiful experience with family and friends if you wish.

These are just a few details, but let’s just say a European holiday has a certain je ne sais quoi that was made for you.

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