Good vibrations, in Biarritz

Can you feel that positive energy? The stories that unfolded in this lavish property in the Parc d’Hiver neighbourhood? For one hundred years no less, the white façade of the 6,458 sq ft villa has added a cheerful touch to the 1.8 acres of adjoining gardens. And a lot has certainly happened in a century! You can just hear the children’s laughter, the stormy nights, the risky climbs of the prohibited nocturnal escapes, the tantrums, the make-ups, the baking hot days, the candlelit dinners, the sand in the bathtubs, the laundry drying in the wind, the games of hide and seek, the treachery for a slice of chocolate cake, the first kisses, the heart-wrenching goodbyes, the drunken nights, the hazy mornings... In a word, life!

Prix 4 950 000€


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