Give in to nostalgia, in Normandy

You instantly fell for this 27-acre property just 35 minutes from Deauville. That feeling of a family home that brought back memories of the one from your childhood... Here you can reinstate old traditions that have been since neglected, much to your displeasure. The corridors of the 3,595 sq ft main manor house will be perfect for scooter racing, as long as you remember not to leave any precious objects lying around! And you can roast chestnuts on the magnificent hearth in the lounge. Hopscotch, cake baking... You plan to remodel the outbuildings to give each of your children their own space. That way you can enjoy visits from your grandchildren without any fuss. And why not rent out the stables? For the simple joy of seeing horses roam around the grounds. Or follow in your grandmother’s footsteps and get a donkey!

Prix : 895 000€


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