Attuning your senses, in Greece

This 7,535 sq ft villa on the island of Skiathos, nestled at the heart of a verdant oasis, is a true wonder to behold, and is sure to set your five senses tingling. Without doubt the dazzling sunlight will be first to pique your senses. Then you’ll start to notice the gentle surf washing against the beach below, accompanied by the sound of cicadas. The smell of pines wafting in on the breeze that envelops you, seasoned with a hint of dried herbs. The smell of summer, dry and hot. Dive into the pool to cool the touch of the sun on your skin and join us for a delicious Greek salad or a slice of watermelon while watching the sun set over the sea. Here everything is simple, you just need to tune in.

Prix 8 500 000€


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