Discover the Upper West Side

A moment of peace and quiet, please. If that’s your final order, then we have found a place for you in the urban jungle of Manhattan.

Surprisingly, this uptown neighborhood is considered “bucolic” when compared to the rest, but also it’s the city’s nest of highbrow arts and culture, a diverse range of beautiful historic architecture, and an atmosphere that inspires freedom of thought in a tranquil setting. Take that break, and welcome to the Upper West Side.

“The People’s Republic of the Upper West Side”

A classic, that about sums up the Upper West Side, which is located between Central Park and the Hudson River. And in classic New York fashion, this upscale residential neighborhood attracts people with diverse passports across any and every generational line, inspiring a certain unity.

In affluence, it’s second to one that would be its eastside counterpart; but the UWS (as insiders like to call it) is distinguished and coveted for its historic architecture, reminiscent of the era of arts and culture of 1920s and 1930s. Especially in the Central Park West Historic District, where the luxury cooperatives and brownstones are simply stunning, like the breathtaking twin-towers of The Eldorado and the 27-floor San Remo of Beaux-Art design. It only takes one tour of its elegant row houses, exquisite apartment complexes like the Ansonia, the Apthorp, and the Beresford. And to visit those for sale, it’ll only take a phone call to our friends at the BARNES New York agency.

And still, this classy ambiance continues to the streets. Whether strolling along the waterfront or getting lost in its miles of springtime flora, “The People’s Republic of the Upper West Side” caters to community, with its cafes, public art, playgrounds, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, as well as soccer and baseball fields … We can already see ourselves there.

Long live the family!

The UWS is known for its extreme livability, and home of very successful professionals and their families. Bichon, the hardest to please, will find the utmost pleasure in his daily walks to Central Park, Riverside Park, or the Hippo Playground Project, while the rest of tribe takes turns pushing the stroller of the newest member. As for your little ones, this is where they were born to be. After a week studying in one of the country’s most elite private schools, Trinity School and Collegiate School, they’ll enjoy weekend excursions to the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater for a bit of wonder and giggles, and then to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan for a range of activities that will prepare your sweet babies for a future on the board of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While you worry about that, they’ll be begging for the crispy tenders at the kid-friendly eatery Chirping Chicken. And then, on your nod, straight to bed.

UWS, Manhattan's cultural and artistic home

Where to begin? This neighborhood with such a profound cultural richness, it’s difficult to present it all. However, it is the realm of Columbia University, the esteemed Ivy of the Big Apple, and it’s campus with a unique atmosphere (we really recommend a little tour). And if your appetite for culture is still not satisfied, then to the  American Museum of Natural History. Still no? Then the Museum of Art and Design and New York Historical Society.

Where are you going? Not so fast, a show at the Lincoln Center, some arabesques at the New York City Ballet or soft melodies at the New York Philharmonic or the Metropolitan Opera are also unmissable classics on the Upper West Side.

And what about the foodies?

You are in the right place ! The brunchers (on Sunday, but not that) tipped us in on some good addresses: an intellectual brunch at the Storica Cafe, in the very heart of the New York Historical Society building, a brunch at water's edge at Pier i, or an enormous brunch at Sarabeth’s.

But if you’re not exactly a morning person, that’s fine, too. Fine-dining and view of the Park awaits you at Jean-Georges, one of the world’s top-rated French restaurants, outside of France (who would’ve ever thought?). And by night, we give you 2 options: The Dead Poet for glass named after the great Walt Whitman and Dizzy’s Club Coca for the sounds of Miles Davis. We’d tell you to choose wisely, but that’s not really necessary.

The Upper West Side will be your new stomping grounds if …

  1. You want to be a true New Yorker, but preferably above 59th Street
  2. You like culture ... in plural
  3. Between the UES and UWS, one letter makes all the difference

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