The Three Faces of Miami

A Mediterranean-inspired property with a private dock into the Biscayne Bay, a penthouse of over 5,382 sq. ft on three levels that seems to float between sky and ocean, a contemporary villa in which interior and exterior are one, this is the spirit of Miami at its best!
SoBARNES opens the doors of these 3 outstanding properties currently for sale. And if you have a crush, you’ll be happy to know that in Miami, all real estate transactions can be done online.
A private visit in #stayhome mode.

 Imagine living on Sunset Island, with a dock at the end of the garden, just behind the pool...

 Diving straight from the living room to the pool, that's Miami life!

 Did you say breathtaking views? It's hard to remain insensitive to this penthouse overlooking the beachfront.


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