In the streets of Barcelona

It's no secret to anyone. The Catalan capital is a favorite tourist destinations, especially to the French, located just 120 km from the border.

Its beautiful beaches, medieval monuments, its eclectic barrios (neighborhoods), its vibrant nightlife ... Barcelona vibrates and has everyone talking!

Barrio Gotic - The gothic and historic quarter 

The historic district of Barcelona, the old Barcelona, is an architectural museum, whose streets are dotted with medieval monuments. Among the most admirable, the Chapel of Saint Agatha, the Cathedral La Seu, the Cathedral Santa Creu and the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, the suspended bridge, the Roman Wall and the Palace of the Generalist. It’s not surprising to see a modern building balcony against balcony with historic relics of the Middle Ages.

A lively neighborhood, Barrio Gotic is full of bars and restaurants that give sight to the narrow streets that hold them. Where to find something to eat? The famous Plaça Reial, but you won’t be alone. The lanes of Barrio Gotic are often crowded with passers-bys, but also pedestrians - preferred a brouhaha with accents from around the world rather than exhausts. It's also the perfect place to shop, especially in Portal de l'Angel, but also on the famous Rambla, where small vendors and found in the huge covered market La Boqueria.

Go to the Gothic Quarter if ...

  1. You pocketed a doctorate in medieval history
  2. You find that the old and the modern combined have an obvious charm
  3. You speak at least 3 languages

El Eixample - La Sagrada Familia and Gaudi neighborhood

Literally "the extension", El Eixample results from the expansion of the city in 1859 by the architect Cerda. This area has THE most visited monument and famous Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia, unfinished work of architect Antoni Gaudi - whose modern Catalan style is found in other monuments and other city facades: the colorful park and palace Güell, Casa Vicens, Casa Mila, or la Casa Batllo, all registered as UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Designed in long straights lines by Cerda, it’s easier to maneuver than intertwined alleys of the Gothic Quarter. In the middle of the neighborhood, the Passeig de Gràcia, divides the city in two; the left of El Eixample is known for its collection of magnificent architectural monuments and shops galore, the right side is the more historic Eixample, whose imposing architecture is quite impressive. Very residential, El Eixample is still not too quiet; as Barcelona meets at the world-renowned Dry Martini cocktail bar.

Follow the example and choose El Eixample if ...

  1. Your sense of direction is almost zero
  2. You know very well how to say "gracias" when leaving a shop of Passeig de Gràcia
  3. Your motto? "Meanwhile, Gaudi."

El Born - The cultural district

Close to the Barrio Gotic, sharing a side of the beautiful Plaça del Pi, El Born has grown from a shunned neighborhood to one of the trendiest in town. Ideally located, just 10 minutes from the beach and Barceloneta, the beautiful Ciutadella Park with its zoo, Las Ramblas and therefore the historical center. The most cultured street in the city? Montcada Street, where we find the beautiful Picasso museum, hidden in a majestic stone building, the Textile Museum, the Maeght Art Gallery, the Catalan Music Palace and the very intriguing Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.

Also, cultivate your taste for the good and beautiful things in one of the many restaurants and local shops, and the must-see Sainte-Catherine Market, one of the largest in the city - and the best! Many families choose to take up residence comfortably in tall buildings that frame the pedestrian streets, including the popular Passeig del Born.

No doubt, it is El Born, if ...

  1. You have a family in Barcelona
  2. You want your children to grow up in front of the Harlequin
  3. You only chew fresh vegetables, purchased that morning

Barceloneta - The coastal area

Near the city center, but away from its noise and agitation, Barceloneta is also pampered to families, even if the area is not synonymous with safe haven: here lies the beach town where it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish the color of sand in the summer. Formerly a fishing village, Barceloneta maintained a popular local atmosphere, particularly within its narrow streets running down its center. Nearby, there is the Port of Barcelona (with its beautiful Aquarium, the largest in Europe), the Olympic Port or the Port Vell maritime areas too, where it’s impossible not to enjoy exceptional seafood .

Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Barceloneta attracts tourists and locals once in the evening with its many tapa and cocktail bars, also with numerous restaurants on the (more touristy) beachfront. To feed your mind over your body, head to the Catalonia History Museum, which contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the region in detail. Further, the funicular Montjujïc (prohibited if you have vertigo!) takes you to the top of the Montjuïc mountain, where the view of the city is amazing.

Barceloneta will be so good to you if ...

  1. 1) You can only imagine life next to fruit (of the sea)
  2. 2) You start your day with a good breaststroke
  3. 3) You enjoy neighborhood life, even a neighborhood full of life

Montjuïc - The bourgeois neighborhood

On the heights of the city, Montjuïc offers extraordinary views of Barcelona. The Montjuïc Castle is of priority to visit - and, we repeat, the view is sublime - as well as the military museum it houses, for those concerned. Other essentials of the area: the Barcelona Pavilion, the Miro Foundation, the botanical garden and the beautiful Palau Nacional, which hosts the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC for insiders). In front of the National Palace, the Magic Fountain welcomes you with a performance of colorful waters, dazzling onlookers once per evening.

Following the Summer Olympics of ‘92 that took place in Barcelona, Montjuic features: Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium, the Olympic pools and the Palau Sant Jordi, and if you’re a sports enthusiast, the Olympic Museum and Sports is waiting for you. At midday, the area is quite residential with some terraces here and there, hosting local families.

You’ll be delighted in Montjuïc if ...

  1. You prefer the city from above
  2. You’re looking for a neighborhood to jog as much s you like
  3. You secretly dream of one day standing on the (Olympic) podium

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