Nostalgia in Canada

When you were little, the enchanting voice of popular French singer Line Renaud would soothe you as she sang Ma Cabane au Canada, your mother’s favourite song. For as long as you can remember, you’ve pined for that house in the woods. Far away from everything and close to nature. Two hours from Montreal, this fine five-bedroom property is perfect for family and friends all year round. Summer will be spent by the lake, diving off the pontoon, while autumn is a festive profusion of colours among the trees. The snowy carpet ensures magical winters, with spring unfolding to birdsong. The star guest – the reason behind all this – is your mother. Sitting beside you in the car, she’s wondering where you’re taking her. On the shores of Lake Nominigue, you’ve unearthed the ideal spot for her to spend her golden years. It’s your way of thanking her for all she’s given you. Let’s hope there are squirrels, just like in the song.


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