Mixing things up in Paris

You're not a purist. You may love coffered ceilings, but you hate squeaky floors, and you’re as much a fan of mouldings as you are the industrial style. Basically, you like to jazz the classical style up a little with a touch of modernity. You like the contrast. You like to shake things up. You’re not a fan of predictability, which means that this 3,530 sq ft triplex at the heart of the 8th arrondissement would be perfect for you. It would provide a wonderful home for your contemporary art collection, the marble fireplace better suited to displaying a piece you’d bought at FIAC than to any sort of Napoleon III-style surround. Your contemporary furniture would really bring the triple reception room to life, whilst the metal staircase leading to the upper floors brings that little touch of quirkiness that you like. This really is an apartment for someone who doesn't like to be pigeon-holed!


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