Maison Caulières: Exceptional cosmetics

Maison Caulières has been continuing its family tradition and championing its ancestral expertise for more than 250 years.

Maison Caulières has been renowned for producing cereals and vegetable oils since the 18th century, but has also grown to become a leader in the cosmetics world. “Developing in this sort of environment has been a real blessing. I have integrated many solid values. That is why I wanted to create a cosmetics brand founded on natural products”, says Xavier Desforges de Caulières, CEO of the company.

While Maison Caulières has been producing its own artisanal honey for more than 100 years, it is also an expert in tailor-made treatments. Four ranges have been developed to match the four seasons. The best-sellers include the “Cuvée d’Or”, a dry body oil, and the “Tourbillon Végétal”, a perfumed oil that adds a whirlpool of petals to any bath. Needless to say, at Maison Caulières, everything is focused on awakening the senses.


By Margaux Géray-Lincy


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