An end that sounds like a beginning, in Normandy

For several years now, you and your wife have been looking for a second home on the outskirts of Paris. Several years and yet, you still haven't found the perfect fit. It’s not that you’re being difficult. Sure, you have a few criteria, but you’re both keeping an open mind. The calm of the countryside, the charm of the region, less than two hours from Paris, since you intend to enjoy it every weekend. And your top priority: it’s got to be love at first sight. You’ve visited a lot of properties. And now? To put it simply, you’re tired and nearly on the verge of giving up... But today, standing in front of this charming Norman manor house nestled in the hollow of the valley, you’re beginning to think that all the previous places you saw were all leading you to this little gem. In a sense, this has been your “long and winding road”. Seeing the dazzled look on your wife’s face, you know that it’s love at first sight for both of you. How can you resist? On 17 acres of land including a river inlet, a pond, a wooded park, an orchard and a vegetable garden, this 5,920 sq ft manor house has been renovated with taste and respect for tradition. Exposed beams, a magnificent Art Deco conservatory, a monumental fireplace, beautiful parquet floors and refinement and authenticity in the Norman style. Now, the only visits you will allow will be those from your friends!


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BARNES Deauville
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