Ô Corse, île d’amour…

…pays, où j’ai vu le jour. J’aime tes frais rivages et ton maquis sauvage”. Tino Rossi (1907-1983)

Roughly translated as “Oh Corsica, the island of love, the country where I was born. How I love your soothing shores and your wild maquis”, this song is a touching tribute to Tino Rossi’s native island. Get ready to play it on repeat when you fall for the charms of this 1,883 sq ft contemporary villa, surrounded by over an acre of land overlooking the sea and the maquis. Set on the edge of Porto-Vecchio, it blends gracefully into its natural environment and gently exudes its Corsican soul, full of light and serenity. The pool and terrace are certainly proof enough. And when you’ve listened to all of Tino’s repertoire, there is always the traditional polyphonic music of Corsica to discover...


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BARNES Corsica
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