Stunning wedding anniversary gift in Bordeaux

For your paper wedding anniversary, your beloved spouse has given you this grand 19th century house. Its 4,520 sq ft of surface tells the story of your greatest years. With four years of marriage behind you, spend your silk wedding anniversary dancing through the silky lustre floors that shine in the lounge and five bedrooms. For your nine years together, your copper wedding anniversary will be symbolised in your fine cookware on the kitchen’s ceramic tiling. In both lounges, the crystal in the chandeliers will dazzle for your fifteen years of marriage. And for your seventeenth wedding anniversary, what could be more beautiful than seventeen rosebushes – one planted each year – in the 0.3-acre garden?  Turquoise will evoke your eighteen years of marriage, as the pool’s tone sparkles in the sun. And after twenty years of life together, the four bathrooms will pay tribute to your porcelain wedding anniversary. This is more than a house. It’s an open book telling your tale of happiness.


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