A view you’ll never grow tired of in Haute-Savoie

It was love at first sight. Instantaneous. Unconditional. The breathtaking view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains. Since you arrived in this 3,767 sq ft early 19th century manor, you’ve been unable to tear yourself away from the veranda. You’ve even thought about installing a bed. And you would have, if your husband hadn't vetoed it. To be fair, he did have a point when he said “with six bedrooms, you’re not sleeping outside!” ». So you’ve come to terms with it. You drink your morning coffee here and gaze out over the landscape bathed in sunlight that sparkles off the water and the rocks. And not move for the rest of the day. Hypnotised by the changing light. By the clouds mirrored in the lake... It’s as if this spectacular beauty washes away your problems, as if the magnificent nature was the only thing that mattered. You have little use for the 1.2 acres of land. Your husband hopes that you’ll grow accustomed to it and return to your 'normal’ life. But you’re not sure you want to break the spell.

Prix : 3 675 000€


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