Live on an island in Miami

Settle on a deserted island ... Even better: settle on an almost deserted island, truly one of a kind.

Miami islands combine all elements of beauty and luxury so dear to Florida: brilliant palms, azure sky, and a bright sun further embellish the sweetness of these exceptional living spaces and an atmosphere that cultivates uniqueness.

Miami Beach

Located east of the city of Miami, the Miami Beach peninsula marries, with success, its bad reputation and the steamy evenings it hosts to the good life, unprecedented in historical and residential neighborhoods. Miami Beach is multi-faceted, and its two faces delight both the natives and its millions of tourists. In the North, the tranquility, the South, the excitement, it’s up to you to choose …

South Beach

Witness, alive and well, the impressive architectural past, this lively part of town has a wonderful concentration of Art Deco buildings. Here, Ocean Drive runs brilliantly along the ocean that sparkles and fascinates with its joy. Hotel Victor, The Ritz, the W and the Four Seasons, but also the houses of architects and ultra-modern condominiums, decline to infinity with all their facets, imagination, and luxury.

In this neighborhood, with scenes from countless films and television series, life seems to be light and beautiful. For the night owls, you can enjoy original cocktails in the bar of Joe’s Stone Crab, while awaiting their famously exquisite crab claws, then a coffee with foie gras at Le Bazaar before dizzying yourself in the electric and trendy nightclubs.

Bodybuilding enthusiasts meet at Lummus Park, near the sensational beach that runs into the ocean.

South Beach is totally for you if ...

  1. Like the Little Mermaid, you love shiny things
  2. Sleeping is not your top priority
  3. More tourists than palm trees? No problem

North Beach

Subtle and discreet, North Beach is known to be a little more low-key … but never forgotten. Residential and woody, this hidden gem pleases residents who seek a haven of peace and opulence, just not the same type as its southern splendor. The luscious green lawns of Normandy Shores Golf Club or the Gorce for your cravings for the fairway and putting, the posh boutiques of Bal Harbour shopping mall for cravings of style … what else? From the past, perhaps? The church, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, an old Spanish monastery from the 12th century, previously completely dismantled, was rebuilt back to splendor … in North Beach.

Star Island

1 island, 1 main road, and 35 properties. Small? Make no mistake, this piece of land is worth more than gold. Well beyond an exception, Star Island is a dream of richness and diversity of architectural styles, all exclusive. All, however, have direct access to the sea with their private dock and the inevitable yacht stationed there. Across the street or next door, Madonna, Tom Cruise, or Jennifer Lopez are neighbors (soon you too?). They’re either sparking the island with gigantic pool parties or listening to silence. Woohoo!  Gloria Estefan is selling her house!

Jump at the chance if ...

  1. Your budget is a number that has 7 to 8 digits (and that starts with 3, minimum)
  2. You've always been quite "insular"
  3. 10 bedrooms? Just what you need

Fisher Island

The only island in Miami accessible by private boat or ferry, Fisher Island is home to 132 inhabitants whose land are among the highest yielding of all the United States. The properties, but especially the mansions, are influenced by 1920 Spanish architecture. The island also has a hotel, a marina, and millionaires for most residents. If you like tennis, quickly call your mover as Andre Agassi and Boris Becker both have a property on Fisher Island. Seeing as how the island has only one main street, your meeting is inevitable.

Sunny Isles Beach

The northern islands have no reason to be jealous of their southern sisters, with an opulent selection of boutiques, gourmet restaurants, upscale sports facilities in even more top of the line contemporary condominiums. The area is popular with residents of eastern - European countries including Russians, surely for the quality of its privilege life and tranquility it offers. Families also like Sunny Isles Beach due to its selection of private and selective schools, as well as its very safe environment.

So, settle into the Great North of South Florida, but only if ...

  1. Grass worries you and critters panic you
  2. "The bigger, the better" is your motto
  3. You dream of Moscow with a sea view


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