The art of making you unique

Every now and again, it happens. The overwhelming desire to feel beautiful and reveal a unique side of our personality. We’re not talking about the bling-bling - that’s too easy - but something a little more subtle, delicate, and authentic.

We discovered a little gem with a name that can’t help but make us smile, and wanted to share it with you. It’s called Jolly Bijou.

Jolly Bijou is an exquisite blend of American modernity and French know-how. Its products are a combination of beauty, talent, a touch of originality, a mastery of design, and above all, creativity. They are also innate qualities of Caroline Denis, the designer, who happens to have a degree in Gemology and love of architecture, especially Art Deco. A French artist based in New York, she initially made her grand entrance in the Paris fashion scene before throwing her entire body and soul into her lifelong passion: jewelry.

In the current collection, her passion for clean geometric lines is clear, and executed with finesse. Precious stones like tourmalines, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are meticulously arranged and accentuated by their vibrant color palettes, magnifying her subtle approach to glamour to sensational effect. We can only imagine the hours of research, sketching, and overall craftsmanship it took to create such exquisite works of art, each with a unique personality.

That’s just it! The jewelry designed by Jolly Bijou have personality the same way your dog does when he stares deeply, longingly into your eyes. It’s the underlying sensuality in each piece that really moves us.

In Caroline’s work, you can detect a 1930s influence that’s effortlessly mixed in with the minimal aesthetic of modern art and the avant-garde. She uses curves and counter curves, geometric impossibilities not only made possible, but made simple and all the more beautiful. Breaking while simultaneously setting the rules is the definition of mastering your craft.

Both precious and semi-precious gemstones reflect a luminous spectrum of colors in perfect harmony with every embellishment. The result is a dazzling collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets that make you want to get up and dance the Charleston.

It was difficult, but we’ve resisted the urge to reveal our favorites. Besides, we’re sure you’ve already chosen your own. We didn’t want you to have immediately Googled - without letting us have the final word - because, if we’re being honest, that’s exactly what we would’ve done.

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