Hidden Gems in the Boroughs of NYC

Magic in Manhattan, buzzing in Brooklyn, quintessential in Queens, bubbling in the Bronx and serenity on Staten Island; life and its ambiances assume very different styles in New York City.

The city with 5 boroughs and a thousand faces intrigues sometimes, challenges often and seduces always.


Bound by the Hudson and East River, amid a plethora major commercial, financial, and cultural centers, and lit by the lights of Times Square, the glamour of Manhattan cannot be underestimated. Uptown, the highest point is Inwood, where large families flourish intimately in the elegance of its natural aesthetics, green parks, and 1920s-style architecture. Downtown, at its lowest point, Tribeca and Radio Row embrace chic young professionals and artists en vogue who fuse together to create a vivacious atmosphere among the astonishing skyscrapers. And everything in between is a unique compression of luxury.

Northeast of Central Park, the lively neighborhood of East Harlem is home to million dollar penthouses while the Upper East Side, Yorkville, Lennox Hill, and Carnegie Hill, welcome elegance and refinement on every floor of their stunning buildings, where you'll likely become BFFs with all the doormen lining 5th Avenue. If you live at the top, direct an eye to the bright lights and thrilling activity Downtown from your balcony.

A little further down, after the confidential streets of Hell's Kitchen's, welcome to the Flatiron District. This exclusive and trendy neighborhood has a beautiful array of commercial and industrial lofts, neo-Renaissance style condos, as well as restaurants and eclectic shops.

The island of a thousand faces is for you, if ...

  1. You like to have options
  2. Not sleeping is one of those options
  3. Eclectic is a word used frequently to describe you


On the other side of the bridge, another face, that of the coolness and hipsters in their stronghold, Brooklyn. Another way to enjoy the outstanding views of the Manhattan skyline is from the Brooklyn Bridge. Precisely under her skirts, the most exclusive corners of the borough: Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Clinton Hill, where geeks of the "Tech Triangle" buzz in trendy cafés as fashionistas scour shops dutifully, always with a hot latte or ultra-green smoothie in hand. By late afternoon, the sunset from the Sunset Park West will eventually convince the last of the undecided.

More central in the heart of Brooklyn, the neighborhoods of Bushwick and Flatbush are booming - Victorian houses, Caribbean restaurants, and beautiful churches provide a nice variety of urban landscapes. Brooklyn also loves its children, with the Brooklyn Packet's Collegiate Institute and St. Ann's School among the best private schools in New York. Little people, who, like their neighborhood, have a bright future.

Move! If ...

  1. You were a hipster
  2. You are a hipster
  3. You will be a hipster (once there)


Quiet and intimate. This is Queens. Yet, it is also a place full of vitality, with a rich cultural offering, well-maintained green spaces and a wide selection of reputable schools

A refuge for New Yorkers? The intimate and residential coast of Belle Harbor on the Rockaway Peninsula, where there are beautifully modern and comfortable homes. Impressive buildings and greenery line more than 6 kilometers of waterfront, bordering the only beach where it is possible to surf in New York City. The icing on the cake: there are enough sand and sun to lay your towel there and update your summer tan.

On the opposite end of Queens, the beautiful quarters of Astoria offer top-of-the-line restaurants, lavish boutiques, and trendy bars and clubs. Its neighbor, Long Island City, is the cherished corner of artists in search of quiet and inspiration, after a stroll in innovative art galleries - such as MOMA PS1 - or on the streets lined with luxury apartments.

Deeper into Queens there is Jamaica Estates, where suburban life resembles the royal life. This area, known for its gorgeous Tudor-style mansions and Georgian properties with manicured lawns, is reserved for very privileged residents. It's also what made the famous private school so sought-out: the United Nations International School (based in Manhattan).

You’ll feel good in Queens if ...

  1. Your heart is torn between the Hamptons and Manhattan,
  2. Your heart is torn between the east and west coast
  3. Your heart is torn between the US and … all other countries

The Bronx

Floating above upper Manhattan, the Bronx hovers. Despite its troubled past, the borough now has promising, bright future.

A privileged place, the Bronx fills adventurers and explorers, whether at the New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo, or Pelham Bay Golf Courses, its electric atmosphere at Yankee Stadium and vibrant Riverdale Market overlooking the Hudson. Where to stay? In the modern condos of Shirley Woods, Solaria or Latitude. These high-end residences provide shade to those of Manhattan and ensure good days in the Bronx.

Heading east, the Pelham area and its art-deco homes. The pristine houses on the coast are lined with bicycle paths and secret paths. Take the opportunity to taste the, most likely, best lobster in town (and your life) at the Lobster Box in City Island. The Bronx also hosts his "Little Italy" in Belmont, typical restaurants of pasta, pizza, and charcuterie further add to the authenticity of the neighborhood.

The Bronx also offers some stability, with unique cultural and educational options. For your children, the right reflex is certainly Horace Mann School, a preparatory school in cahoots with the Ivy Leagues.

It’s decided! The Bronx it is, but only if ...

  1. You have a small tribe of children that can’t sit still
  2. You have the stamina to keep up with them
  3. YOLO is your mantra

Staten Island

Staten Island is a haven of peace and discretion. For those who like to have room, Staten Island offers breathtaking views and puts a ferry at your feet if the need for the city is too much.

East of Todt Hill and along Nicolosi Drive in Annandale, silence is placed in a collection of houses hanging on the cliffs. It's necessary to own a car here for fun drives along the coast and to the enclave of Emerson Hill. In Randall Manor, there are very luxurious houses, and in West Brighton, designer boutiques to the delight of fashionistas, not to mention local restaurants filled with gourmet cuisine.

Scattered on the island, architectural gems like the Stapleton Branch of the New York Public Library (the same is also on the stamps), and the magnificent building with large, imposing windows, the Staten Island Courthouse.

Hello, mover? Good idea if ...

  1. You’ve had a subscription to Architectural Digest since the first issue
  2. Beautiful nature landscapes are a part of your morning routine
  3. You still have residual feelings for the city

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