The putting master is in Florida

If Hawaii is for surfing and Colorado is for skiing, then Florida is for golfing. The town of Jupiter, to be exact, is where the master of putting has made his home. Larry is his name, and for 40 years he has advised the world’s best golfers, developing a unique expertise that he can share on the spot, but only by appointment.

Focus on these expert sessions with the prestigious ARGOLF putters, the high-end French brand that is conquering the world.

If you’re based in Europe or have yet to make your way to Florida, click here to find the Argolf putter collections.

His lair, the Argolf Putting Lab, is a place where the world’s best golfers come to rework their putting technique, try out a new putter or sip coffee while discussing ... putting, obviously! A thousand greens, a thousand putts, and a thousand anecdotes that the master Larry - a former professional golfer - tells passionately.

Enough introduction, let’s get down to business. The primary objective of this marvelous Putt-Putt - oops! - Putting Laboratory is simply to improve your putting, that’s the name of the game.

Come by appointment with your own putter in hand. Larry will be curious to hear your own story ... How did you start putting? Who taught you how to putt? Why did you choose this particular putter? How does putting make you feel? Then he’ll ask you to place a golf ball in front of a sophisticated, high-tech machine with a mathematical name: Quintic.

Now, you can putt. Over and over again. The machine records the ball’s bearing. If the ball does not start off rolling properly, then there’s no use even heading out to the greens. It’s certain you’ll miss the hole.

Larry will then analyze the data and ask you to go at it again. But this time, he’ll correct your movement, your posture, your grip.

Trust us when we say that your putting game will immediately be taken to a whole new level. You’ll think: Larry is a genius, a man of magic, a miracle maker, a putt-putt guru! Only a true master of the craft could solve the mystery of your hang-up so easily.

You’re also probably thinking that a fitting session with Larry is very expensive, right? $150 and free for those under 17 years old ... The best possible investment to improve whatever’s holding your putting game back. Make an appointment on behalf of SoBarnes here, and you’ll receive a very nice surprise. Here’s a hint: You’ll have the privilege of testing one of the most specialized putters in the world. For more details, you’ll have to go and check it out for yourself.

The Putting Lab is a fitting center created by Argolf, a French putter brand that’s conquering the world of golf, one putter at a time. Its goal is to design and manufacture the best possible putters using the best possible materials and technology used in high-precision and demanding industries, such as aeronautics. A young French putter brand, Argolf was recently recognized by a leading golf magazine, Golf Digest, for their exemplary, high-quality putters.

At the end of your fitting session, leave with your very own Argolf putter from the Collection Brocéliande, entirely tailored and engraved with your name, like the President of the United States.

A SoBarnes tip: The Argolf Putting Lab Fitting Center has hundreds of clubs. Take your time, try them all. Even Harry Potter had to test several broomsticks before selecting the one made especially for him. Soon you’ll become a master on the greens!

Hear what Rocco Mediale has to say about Argolf putters, along with the master Larry.


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