The posh quarters of London

From royalty to almost royalty, filled with an inclusive variety of housing reflecting its comprehensive history, eternal style, and endless inherited fortunes.

Take part in London’s growing vibrancy, a perfect collaboration of yesterday and today, it’s up to you to decide tomorrow …


Smacked down right in the middle of London, you’ll find the dominion of Westminster where you can live a parallel life to the Queen herself. Find your throne high up above in a contemporary-design apartments and duplex penthouses with terraces that offer Mary-Poppins-like rooftop views of Buckingham Palace (from which, of course, you are expected to bow) or comfortably down below in the studies of posh townhomes or in the sanctuary of Victorian style houses. When you do feel like being social, enjoy the luscious green surroundings of St. James Park after a heavy day of shopping at the luxe boutiques of Oxford Street, or join the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square and catch a fabulous movie premier alongside the stars at the Odeon theater.

Westminster can be children-friendly, too. Start grooming your kids to be young royals at the elite Westminster School where they can learn its secret language, Westminster Latin, for or a subtle 36, 462 pounds per year. There is a 3-year registration process (so get started now!). Life here is bound to be sweet when we start them young, however, avoiding tourists and their selfie sticks can be a bit trickier. It can also be nice to take some fresh air while strolling along the River Thames (don’t forget Bichon!), and break to wander through art exhibitions at the impressive Tate Modern.

This neighborhood, so clearly fit for a queen, will satisfy all your needs if ...

  1. You have at least 3 drops of royal blood running through your veins
  2. You aim to build your own royal family
  3. You don’t mind occasionally taking group photos for hasty tourists

Kensington - Knightsbridge

West of London’s center, you'll find Kensington and Knightsbridge. These neighborhoods are quintessential of wealth and refinement, yet still jammed packed with life and an abundance of cultural and botanical offerings. With rows of multi-million-pound houses emitting regal elegance, old-world buildings seamlessly blend with the trendy artisanal bakeries and shops of the new world. Just around the corner from the Kensington Palace and Garden, above the bundles of green topped trees (about 100 ft above), sits the exclusive and elusive Roof Garden, a spectacular 1.5-acre terrace sparked with mysterious greenery and vibrant flowers that only host private club members (soon to be you?). From here, enjoy the view of Royal Albert Hall, a popular music venue, the grand Hyde Park, and a selection of Victorian-style villas, townhouses, and mansions. Even more, with museums scattered about, revisit England’s organic histories in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.

A short walk to the east, in Knightsbridge, you’re certain to run into the Versailles of department stores, Harrods, that could even take Marie Antoinette’s breath away with its opulence and creativity. Here, its class all the way! So become neighbors with world’s wealthiest people at the modern One Hyde Park, a luxury residential and retail complex. Its penthouses, which have the most magical views of the park, are only suited for those willing to make a major statement.

Don’t fret, this area is more than just a playground for aristocrats with too much free time and a green thumb, children are welcomed too! Kensington and Knightsbridge are home to some of the most renowned private schools (you’ll never go wrong!). With so much to offer, how can you resist?  Just know this: these neighborhoods are synonymous with success, style, and wealth.

These parts of town are perfect for you if ...

  1. Gardening is your hobby of choice
  2. Your bank account has 6 to 7 figures (preferably 8)
  3. Your idea of heaven is plated with gold and studded with precious gems

Notting Hill

Do you have a family and prefer to stay low-key? That’s fine, the charming quarters of northwest London, hidden behind the noisy Notting Hill Gate Road and made famous by star-crossed lovers, Ana Scott (aka Julia Roberts) and William Thacker, (aka Hugh Grant), could just be your new home. Known for its safety and tranquility, Notting Hill is packed with fabulous antique style post-modern houses that are spiraled with greenery, small parks and gardens, terraces, and large front yards - an ideal foundation for raising children.

Around the corner is the prestigious Chepstow House School, a place that will have your toddlers reciting the genealogy of the Royal Family, backward. And as a reward for their (impending) accomplishments, look up the world famous Hummingbird Bakery, known for their ginormous, sugary cupcakes. For Mommy and Daddy's date night, enjoy the exquisite meals of the reputable Michelin-starred Ledbury restaurant. Even more, tickle your cultural curiosity at the annual Notting Hill Carnival, which celebrates its legacy of Caribbean immigrant, or see a movie at the up and coming Electric Cinema for a vintage film experience.

All in all, Notting Hill is the place to move if ...

  1. You’re expecting
  2. You already have too many babies to count
  3. Despite your kids, you haven’t completely given up on your love for cultures and new experiences


Not too long ago, in southwest London, laid a humble riverside village. Today, this area, sitting between the fashionable Sloane Square and the passion-filled Chelsea Football grounds, has transformed into a magnet of celebrity and wealth for a wide range of personalities. Still peaceful and effortlessly classy, Chelsea consists of a vast variety of housing: from modern yet intimate studio apartments and quaint mews houses to grand villas and Georgian-style townhouses, representing the “crème de la crème” of real estate.

A foodie’s heaven, this district is packed with a plethora of lavish patisseries and boulangeries, as well as options for fresh and organic foods at Bute Street farmer’s market every Saturday. Still hungry? Get really crazy at the electric and lush 24-hour Vingt-Quatre (VQ for locals) restaurant for all day eating and drinking. When you’re tired of stuffing your face, Chelsea Physic Garden is the perfect place to walk off those excess calories and enjoy Earth’s natural serenity and beauty. Bask in the reminisce of Chelsea’s stint as an international art hub during the 80s and enjoy cutting-edge theater at the Royal Court Theater or films at several of the borough's cinemas showcasing arthouse movies.

Chelsea is just right for you if ...

  1. You’re an old soul searching for an exciting twist without leaving your comfort zone
  2. You’re young in spirit with high-class taste (and the bank account to prove it)
  3. Food is more than a necessity, it's a way of life

PS: Don’t forget to put the annual Chelsea Flower Show on your calendars to show off just how classy (and hip) you are!

Belgravia - Pimlico

Located west of Westminster, the intimate neighborhoods Belgravia and Pimlico are home to London’s finest collection of vintage opulence. Both fashionable and residential, these areas are only suited for only the highest of high society. Filled with antique shops, furniture, and interior design showrooms, one will never be at loss on how to fill up their spacious townhouse or penthouse apartment.

Centrally located, these historic and harmonious neighborhoods are home to some of the most “grandeur” squares and gardens. In Belgravia, at any given time, you might brush shoulders with some of the world’s most influential ambassadors, setting a sophisticated and cosmopolitan ambiance. Right next store, in Pimlico, you’ll find brick townhouses and white stucco decorating the streets as an extension of London's effortless style, also offering a safe and welcoming atmosphere. Very family friendly, however first and foremost, chic and elegant.

The neighborhoods Belgravia and Pimlico are just right up your alley if you enjoy ...

  1. Peace and quiet
  2. First class seats on flights
  3. Interesting neighbors on those frequent flights

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