All duck or no dinner

We wanted to try something new, something we’ve never done before, something fun and gourmet. To experience it in full, we stayed from 10 am to 10 pm in the delightful ambiance of a trendy restaurant in London called Rawduck.

Our schedule there was busy: breakfast, lunch, aperitif, cocktails, and dinner. As for brunch, we’ll come back with the family on the weekend and take our time, because Rawduck is known for having one of the best brunches in Hackney.

We were immediately charmed by the setting, a warm and welcoming atmosphere with rough stone tables, chairs, heavy wooden benches topped with soft linen cushions, green bouquets, beautiful ceramic tableware, and a large blackboard, on which fermented beverages - like kefir and Kombucha made in-house - and organic wines are written in a chalky calligraphy. We settled down comfortably at a table and watched the other guests who’ve come to the restaurant for a relaxed but chic moment.

From 10 am to noon: With a ravishing appetite, we went to work on an English breakfast. It included freshly squeezed juice, Greek yogurt and granola (also made in-house), with bacon, vegetables, herbs, and poached, scrambled, fried or boiled eggs.

From noon to 5 pm: Lunch on the go was, personally, not for us. More than anything we enjoyed slowly devouring the pasta al dente, the pumpkin gnocchi with sage and garlic, but even the salads (a wise decision) are tasty and generous.

Incredibly, between 4 and 5:30 pm, the kitchen is closed, so we took time to stretch our legs,  stroll around the neighborhood, and do a little window shopping before dinner.

At 6 pm, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served. But no worries, at precisely 5:30 pm, Rawduck opens its doors for cocktails and tapas. Here, all ducks are in a row. All the quacking was not just for show (we couldn’t help it).

Let's get back to the duck at hand, the Mediterranean-inspired menu comes in large or small dishes to share (or not), and the menu changes often according to seasonal products. So you can come and spend entire days at Rawduck with us, it’s our (your) new favorite spot. We enjoyed the lamb chops marinated in Garam masala with braised baby eggplant and a mint yogurt sauce, but we must admit that the Pappardelle with wild mushrooms and cavolo nero (in our house, Kale) on the neighboring table caught our attention. But that doesn’t matter, we'll be back in a few days.

We didn’t leave with a doggy bag (because there was nothing left on our plates) but with plates (clean and new, obviously) and handmade ceramic bowls, because we wanted a little souvenir of the day we conquered the mighty duck of London.

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