Geneva, reveal yourself!

With one foot at the bottom of the mountains, the other on the shores of Lake Geneva,  just a few hours from the French capital, a good life awaits in Geneva.

With its economic and financial dynamism, the city attracts young students, executives and bosses, athletes and families who like to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable life near everything. However, Geneva is a city that is tamed. A stroll through its various neighborhoods uncovers various atmospheres. Right bank or left bank? Your life will not be the same on either side of Lake Geneva.

Les Eaux-Vives

The Eaux-Vives district borders the lake on the side of the left bank. A trendy area to meet friends, for a drink or dinner, at the fashionable restaurants. Small chic shops open their doors on street corners to the delight of locals and tourists. Les Eaux-Vives, a mix between city and nature. The magnificent buildings lining the Quai Gustave Ador face the emblem of Geneva, the Jet d’Eau. For its bucolic side, the Eaux-Vives Park is a favorite place for children and large families filled with children. Picnic on the grass or gourmet tasting, it's up to you.

Les Eaux-Vives is familial and "hip", all you, if ...

  1. You like the old, and even more, the old with a panoramic view
  2. You like to change restaurants just as you change creameries
  3. Upon Swan Lake, your Prince Charming certainly awaits

La Vieille-Ville  - The City Center (Cité - Centre)

Magic is in the air during walks through the old walled city in the hills of Geneva. The buildings are gorgeous and full of history, medieval treasures lurk the sides of narrow streets. This part of town has a certain charm, surrounded by ramparts and the beautiful Parc des Bastions, with cafes and their terraces, shop fronts, and art galleries are invitations to complete satisfaction.
The Vieille-Ville is a mood, it's a lifestyle. Cars are only allowed for residents and in only some areas. For shopping, simply descend into "the lower streets" to be on the Place du Molard and the very famous rue du Rhône and Rue de la Confédération. Please note, you are not in London, but still, look right and left before crossing. One tram can hide another.

Your choice will be the Vieille-Ville if ...

  1. You prefer buildings that hide treasures
  2. The chicest of the chic is your thing
  3. You like to exercise without noticing

Plainpalais - Jonction

It moves, it grooves in Plainpalais. This is the dynamic, vibrant Geneva surrounded by two rivers, the Rhône and Arve, meeting at Jonction. This area is rich in theaters, concert halls, artists’ workshops, and cultural venues. The University of Geneva occupies a central place, young and old (the banking district is adjacent) like to stay in the evening after school or work for a drink at trendy bars. Tourists and regulars also enjoy strolls, antiquing at the flea market on the Place du Plainpalais on Wednesdays and Saturdays or visit MAMCO (Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary) or even the Patek Philippe Museum. It's also a cool place to "brunch" together as a family during the weekend.
So, meet there at 12 am Sunday!

Plainpalais is for you if ...

  1. You like lofts and artist studios
  2. You always discover the latest fashionable place before everyone else
  3. You put on your stilettos at least 2 times a week


This is a middle-class neighborhood but can surprise you on the first visit. Indeed, they are everywhere: tall buildings with stylish apartments and villas surrounded by lush gardens and important construction of the 60s. The properties in this residential area, located on the heights of Geneva, often offer stunning views of the massive Mont Blanc or the lake. The panorama is of dazzling beauty. It’ll never get old.

In the center is the beautiful Parc Bertrand at the pleasure of families, with its kiddie pool and water slide carved by Pierre Siebold, "the great Jumbo". For the record, this park was Alfred Bertrand private property. A pretty playground.

You will be happy in Champel if ...

  1. You like green spaces as much as concrete
  2. You are a fan of Charentaises, and
  3. You can get the daily forecast just by looking at the Mont Blanc

Rive Droite

Crossing the lake by foot, bicycle, bus, car or Seagull (maritime shuttle) is magical, with the reflection of snow-capped peaks on the water and swans gliding to come to greet you. True to its reputation for rigor and punctuality, transport the communes of Geneva, turning like a (Swiss) clock. Good news! You are now free to choose the area you like (or go shopping) without worrying about schools because children do not spend more than 30 minutes in public transportation or private buses to the prestigious Swiss schools. Just to name a few: The International School of Geneva, Institut Florimont, Our Lady of the Lake, Moser, The College of Lake Geneva, the Calvin College.

It is the Genevans who say, ridicule does not kill, and to convince you, head towards the "flower clock" in the English Garden. Warning, do not laugh too much (especially if you are about to become a Genevan), this work of art was declared "monument" by the city, and appears as a must see.

The Right Bank is famous for its Baths of Pâquis. The neighborhood of the same name, multicultural and lively, see it blossom in the summer on the waterfront, with a warm and festive atmosphere. The most luxurious hotels are also located on the bay, with stunning views of the Jet d’Eau. In Geneva, it is customary to end up on the terraces for a business appointment or tea with friends. And it’s a pleasure to stroll through small gems of the Right Bank, its parks: the Botanical Gardens, Perle du Lac, Parc Mon Repos … This side of Lake Geneva is concentrated with international organizations such as the European headquarters for the United Nations (UN) and the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC). To live on the Right Bank is to submerge yourself in the dynamism of the city. So international that some days, one wonders what is the official language of Geneva …

The whole family moves to Geneva! Because ...

  1. You want to live in a small town that has everything a large
  2. Liquid or solid, you like water in all states, and
  3. No hurry, the lake handles all fires


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