Once upon a time, there was a small piece of land filled with a thousand and one wonders ... St. Barts, spoiled from birth, blew up over time to become the hottest, most exclusive destination in the Caribbean.

A haven of peace, white beaches, and blue bays become one with the sky, creating a one of a kind environment.

Lush Vegetation and Absolute Daze

St. Barts surprises itself with its variety and beautiful landscapes. The Colombier area charms hikers with its panoramic views of the islands Saint Martin and Anguilla, as they stroll alongside iguanas, goats, and small lizards. Pure wilderness. Pointe Milou and Lurin is an unmissable stop for photographers who dream of endless sunsets of purple melanges.

Beaches stretch across the Baie de Saint-Jean and Grand Cul de Sac, and are ideal for families and children, while the claustrophobic find seclusion and tranquility on the beaches of Governor and Colombier. The intimate corners of Toiny, although ill-advised for swimming, offer a wilder environment conducive to long walks by the sea. It'll feel as if you are the only one in the world ... in a good way.

Gourmet Lane

Restaurants in St. Barts know how to pay tribute to both French cuisine and flavors of the world. There are no less than 70 restaurants on the island: on Bonito’s menu, prime ribs under the beautiful moonlit port of Gustavia, risotto al Limone at Isola or freshly picked lobsters (by you!) from the pond at La Langouste. At L'Eden Rock, an ideal restaurant for long romantic dinners under the celestial dome, you can listen to the silence and enjoy a splendid view on the Baie de Saint-Jean. Spice up your evening at Black Ginger with its "Weeping Tiger," a grilled beef dish with the flavors of Bangkok.  A delight.

You will really love it if ...

  1. Your taste palate needs a red carpet
  2. You have a special question to pop
  3. You like your glass filled, always

Arabian Nights

Perfectly integrated with the island's landscape, service, elegance and luxury summarize the spirit of the hotels of St. Barts. L’Eden Rock and its suites inspired by the colonial era combine precious fabrics, antique furniture, and many contemporary works of art on a rocky outcrop bordered by beaches and reefs.

Sunday brunch is at Toiny, Barthélemy or Christopher. In the West Indies, a meal is almost always followed by nap time. In St. Barts, you opt for a spa. Most hotels offer full-service spa treatments in the privacy of your own room for a relaxing afternoon and a massage amidst the sea breeze. Everything tailored for your peace of mind.

For a budget of 6 to ... figures, many exceptional villas open their doors to you for moments with a lover, or between family and friends.

This dream awaits you if ...

  1. You sleep better in a canopy bed
  2. You have a small gold mine and are in need of some R and R
  3. “Chic and casual” is your philosophy for the year

Sail Away

St. Barts is also an island to be discovered by sea. The seabed surrounding the island is very rich in marine fauna and flora. Lift the moors for a tour of the island by yacht with Miguel. On the agenda: ti'punch, lunch, diving in the turquoise waters while improving the tanned complexion that suits you so well. Head to Colombier or Fourchue where sea turtles, sting rays, and rock-fish will cross your path. Surfing at Anse des Cayes or at Toiny, and kite-surfing at the Grand Cul de Sac is also a part of the wide range of water activities on the island.

Otherwise, wait until March when the sails of the world's most beautiful boats rise in St. Barts for the BUCKET Regatta.

The waters of Saint Barth will make you happy if ...

  1. Your anemometer measures you steadily between Popeye and Ellen MacArthur
  2. You are a child of the sea
  3. Masts, hulls, and sails are a part of your everyday vocabulary

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