We do as kings

Today, it will be a change. Yes, because in Sotogrande, the sport of kings is the sport practiced in the city’s many polo clubs. We chose one of the most beautiful: the Santa Maria Polo Club, which brings together many pros of the mallet.

What's better than a beautiful summer day in this complex’s magnificent setting, built in 1965 in Cádiz (Spain) and arranged with beautiful landscaped gardens, to play, spend the day in the company of gallant horses and enjoy the spectacle. We must have a little royal blood as well, because we feel at home in this chic and sportive ambiance, outdoors and in the company of international jet-setters.

Of the 9 fields, 4 are reserved for the pros who gallop elegantly on their mounts at 35 miles/hour. That leaves us 5 more to have fun on. Whether it’s to lounge between the stands or on terraces, in this soothing and chic atmosphere (always chic), to relax with a fedora and the blue sky atop the head, and a glass of champagne in hand, or even to attend a match of the Polo World Tour with passionate fans.

You’ll find refreshment (the rays of the Costa del Sol are strong!), in the club pavilion, under the huge white marquee, where there are shops and pop-up stores, delicious restaurants and even a kiddie area.

Long before the Santa Maria Polo Club became a trendy place and must-see institution, the elders said: "Let others play other things, the King of the Games is still the Game of Kings." And now, the king is you ... even if it's just to watch.

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