Traditions and contradictions

The beautiful Marbella is definitely full of surprises. We recently discovered a truly unique, exotic, and enchanting place that delights the senses, causing some buzz around town, and the world.

We’re taking you to the Dani Garcia Restaurant, nestled in a subtropical garden, in the heart of the city. But what’s so extraordinary about it?

Well, the setting is the first paradox. The ubiquitous nature and the vegetalized walls of the dining room contrast with the ultra-modern kitchen that looks like an experimental laboratory. What is natural and manufactured exists as one in perfect harmony to create a unique style, a pleasant and luminous atmosphere, and a space where one’s eyes are completely stirred.

Another contradiction is found in the kitchen. Dani Garcia, without ever denying his Andalusian roots or his first inspirations like Ferrán Adriá, Manuel de la Osa or Joël Robuchon, plays with ingredients to create unexpected flavors, original combinations (sometimes to the extreme, gazpacho with cherry) and unusual textures by way of new techniques, like molecular cooking (the caramel foam for example).

Ancestral and modern, avant-garde even, it all becomes one on the plate. And it is, as the Chef likes to call it, a "Cocinacontradicion" (a "kitchen of contradictions" for those who have forgotten a bit of their Spanish).

And, surprise! We are completely entranced, we want more. So much so that we dared to think the unthinkable, we order the "Kaleidoscope" tasting menu. 17 dishes for a delightfully turbulent tour in a world where flavor is queen and we are kings. As for the experts at the Michelin Guide, they delivered their verdict in 2017: 2 stars for the Dani Garcia Restaurant.

Not only a journey in time but one of the senses, we look forward to our next layover ...

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