A residence on Ostozhenka street, a property in the suburbs of Moscow, a luxury apartment in Red Square … The best real estate in Moscow by the real estate agency, Kalinda-BARNES Moscow.

Kalinka Group is one of the top leaders in the luxury real estate market in Russia. The Kalinka-BARNES agency in Moscow can accompany you throughout your real estate project to buy, sell or rent property in Moscow, Europe, the United States, and other destinations.

Their international team will help you benefit from the best real estate opportunities and most exclusive properties in order to optimize your investment or stay in Moscow.

Their knowledge and experience in Moscow's real estate market will ensure that you choose the best neighborhoods and properties.

Their goal is to understand your needs, find properties that match your expectations and optimize your budget, satisfaction, and the potential profitability of your investment. Kalinda-BARNES Moscow selects the best real estate for you and accompanies you during each visit to better advise and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each property.

Moscow according to BARNES ...

Luxury real estate market in Moscow

Moscow is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. The streets of Ostozhenka and Tverskaya, Red Square, Arbat with its aristocratic residences ... These areas have caught the attention of an international clientele.

Life in Moscow

Moscow is rich with architectural masterpieces, cathedrals, and magnificent parks. Kalinda-BARNES Moscow offers a selection of luxury real estate, buildings, houses, and apartments for sale in Moscow and its surroundings.

Our favorite neighborhoods in Moscow

The Golden Mile and Zhoukovka.

Our favorite place in Moscow

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Moscow in 3 words

Welcoming, elegant, historical.

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