Stefania Stera: structure-oriented by nature

From the charm of a private townhouse in Paris to the unique authenticity of a sea-side villa in Porto Cervo, architect Stefania Stera takes on projects that establish a true dialogue with nature.

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At the very heart of Paris, near the private townhouses on Rue Mallet Stevens and “Villa La Roche” built by Le Corbusier, some of the world’s finest artisans have built an exceptional new mansion. Its every detail embodies refinement and excellence: “The owners and I wondered how to bring out the best in this magnificent, almost wild location at the very heart of the metropolis,” explains architect Stefania Stera. Unlike any other private townhouse, this small-scale palace is surrounded by landscaped gardens - also designed by Stera. The magnificent gardens constitute a true architectural journey, peppered with visual arrangements and footpaths. The Villa’s elegant shapes and intertwining ellipses allow for “the building to seamlessly integrate nature, which becomes omnipresent.” All of Stefania Stera’s projects radiate her personal vision of harmony.

 SoBARNES invites you to a private view of this very unique Villa

Porto Cervo also carries proof of the architect’s talent. Stefania Stera was born in Rome, but her family hailed from Genoa and Sardinia. The architect fells a strong connection with Porto Cervo, which is located not far from Sardinia’s Maddalena Archipelago. “When I was a child, I saw the location evolving in sync with nature. It is full of organic shapes inspired by Moorish architecture, which is extremely beautiful and efficient.” When her clients gave her carte blanche on their holiday home in Porto Cervo, she seized the opportunity. “I wanted to reconnect with the place’s original spirit whilst creating a pathway through nature, playing with rock formations and views of the sea…” Nothing conventional here: the building’s grey façades melt into the landscape, the kitchen spills into the garden and the outdoor shower runs through natural rock. The Villa and the lifestyle it provides are open and free, fully integrating the natural surroundings. This fantastic home - which would also make for a grandiose hotel - is a place for true hedonists to experience something positively out of the ordinary.

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