Printemps Celebrates its 150th Anniversary

The brand was founded in 1865 along with its home department, and both will be celebrating a century and a half of history in 2015. Karen Vernet, market director, tells us more about the big event.

“Whether iconic figures symbolising a certain way of life à la française, or young budding designers, our many partner brands wanted to create a series of exclusive pieces to celebrate this anniversary. They all followed the pink colour code and flower theme, and the Printemps Haussmann store, the other Printemps chains and for the first time ever the website all showcased around 100 unique products. The Fête du Printemps event has been wildly successful, and is already gearing up for the next event in November. In the run up to Christmas, this new operation will mean Printemps can once again offer a highly refined and exclusive selection of iconic products across all its departments.”Can you name an emblematic brand from the Printemps Home department?“Both the Home department and Printemps as a whole are characterised by their eclectic offering and vast choice of brands. This explains the incredible variety and excellent complementarity of these leading names. They make up the core of the Home department at Printemps.”

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