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Born and bred Parisians love finding places with the ambiance of old Paris, like those typical French bistros with vintage woodwork and large mirrors often used to steal a glance at the next table. So, just imagine their joy when they finally discovered a trendy Parisian restaurant like Carbón.

Situated in the charming neighborhood of Le Marais, an area highly sought-after for its ambiance à la mode and beautiful residences, you'll have to stroll through its narrow cobblestone streets and pass the magnificent hôtels particuliers or private mansions that once housed the French aristocracy. Your nose, before your eyes, will detect it. The indistinguishable scent of fresh meat roasting over an open fire is all the indication you need. Only then will you have reached 14 Rue Charlot.

Carbón is a quadruple success, for its (1) location, (2) decor, (3) fiery cuisine, just like its (4) atmosphere. The decor is warm, with exposed brick walls making way for a waterfall of greenery. The vintage “tommettes” or floor tiles blend seamlessly with the leather-clad wooden benches as marble tables wait patiently for the arrival of Chef David Kjellstenius's delicious creations.

What to expect? High-quality ingredients prepared by the world's oldest cooking method - fire - is the restaurant’s bread and butter, and the reason for its stellar reputation. Its diverse menu is a call to both fish and meat lovers. Each dish explodes with flavors from around of the globe, influenced by the Argentinan owners, Swedish chef, and French terroir. Our recommendation? Savor the tender entrecôtes or steak from Salers, the juicy lamb shoulder chops from Clavisy, smoked Burrata served with grilled peaches, among other house recipes.

Carbón offers an ideal setting for an intimate dinner with a special someone or even a group friends. For large parties, we suggest requesting a table hidden in the private room.

Here's a little tip: Don't forget to look up at the ceiling for a dazzling surprise (that's all we're willing to disclose). And another (we're feeling generous): Then go down to the basement to discover a secret bar called La Mina, a hotspot typically reserved for locals - now for you.

Carbón has lit a fire in Le Marais and it’s not going out anytime soon.

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