EITI: The First International School of Real Estate Brokerage in Paris

The first class of students at EITI graduated last spring. EITI was created by BARNES and offers professional training in real estate brokerage in order to meet a critical need for qualified real estate professionals.

EITI operates in association with the training center Pro Actif Développement, under the leadership of Claude-Olivier Bonnet. The school offers four-month work-study programs where students alternate between taking courses and working in a real estate agency. Completion of the program is subject to a final exam.

As the first French school in its field, EITI is open to young graduates, individuals looking to change careers or experienced brokers. The aim is to teach students the skills necessary for being successful in the field of real estate brokerage. Brokers of course need to have a market-based approach. However, it is also essential that they differentiate themselves from others through additional skills in consulting and expertise combined with knowledge of complementary services (identifying the needs of clients, property management, coaching, etc.).

Courses are taught by French -and Englishspeaking professors and experienced professionals, providing the 25 students in each class with comprehensive training. “We position ourselves as forerunners of the legislation that will one day meet the demands of trade unions, who seek training for professionals in the field,” stated Claude-Olivier Bonnet.

In addition to real estate law, property inspection, finance, construction and all topics related to sales, EITI has developed technical courses which aim to identify the needs of clients. EITI professors also teach introductory courses on real estate in the US (Florida and the state of New York), the UK (London) and French-speaking Switzerland.

EITI: The First International School of Real Estate Brokerage in Paris

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