A jewel of haute couture in the 8th

The price is nearly a secret
The talented Gérard Faivre has beautifully dressed this apartment, located in the Golden Triangle, as any big name in haute-couture would.

Immediately, its harmonic collaboration of gray hues and warm fabrics pulls you into its subtle nuances. This architect of decor has orchestrated every detail with brilliance and passion. He asked the painter Gilles Dupuis to produce marble veins on the walls of the large living room to match the coffee table’s pattern; he’s also imaged the original moldings with silver leafs so that the grand mirror can reflect 1,000 shards of twinkling lights. But that's not all, every object is alive and has its place, a sculpture by Catherine Arnaud, a "Belami” chair by JNL Collection, and even a "Jardin Andalou" scented candle "Jardin Andalou" by Christian Lacroix.

This apartment, with its adjoining living rooms, is a move-in ready work of art, just as the artist intended. Throw your trench coat and briefcase on the leather pouf in the middle of the entranceway designed by O.Moon (Poodra), then launch your favorite playlist. Now, sit back comfortably on your black leather Poltronafrau sofa restyled with a fabric, sweetly named “Chérie” by Dedar, a nice nod to the tailors of Coco Chanel.

There is nothing more refined than haute couture and Gérard Faivre has known it well since his most tender years. But you, welcome home.

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Photo credit: Mathieu Fiol


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