Glashütte Original: watchmaking as an art form

With its new, exclusive customising concept, Glashütte Original gives customers the chance to personalise their watches by setting them with precious stones. #SoBARNES takes you to Saxony to prove that fine watchmaking isn’t just the preserve of Swiss!

Glashütte Original already crafts its timepieces in the upper echelons of artisan watchmaking, but recently the German house has reached new heights: any model in today’s collection with a precious-metal case can be customised according to a customer’s taste by setting it with diamonds or other stones. The idea was first put into practice in China, but Glashütte Original has recently announced it will be introducing the concept worldwide. Beyond technical feasibility, the (lucky) customers can free their imagination to own a truly unique watch.

Since 1845, Glashütte Original has been keeping alive an uninterrupted tradition, embodying the art of traditional watchmaking at the finest level. The manufactory is nestled at the heart of the little Saxon town of Glashütte, and combines artisan expertise with cutting-edge technology. Connoisseurs venerate this brand steeped in tradition, which belongs to the Swatch group. The house makes 95% of its movement components itself, as well as its filigree dials.

Boundless creativity

To underline its high level of expertise, Glashütte Original has unveiled three superb models:

  • The red gold PanoLunarTourbillon is asymmetrical in design and impresses with its filigree flying tourbillon and display featuring the moon’s phases. The handcrafted dial is framed in a bezel set with baguette cut diamonds.
  • The white gold Senator Tourbillon is another remarkable model, set with both brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds. This timepiece offers two expertly crafted features: the characteristic Panorama Date and the flying tourbillon. Its dial, entirely set, goes perfectly with the case’s strap-holders, also set. Baguette cut diamonds serve as markers and adorn the bezel.
  • The Senator Cosmopolite is made for globetrotters, allowing its wearer to keep track of 35 time zones on their wrist. This splendid timepiece is a fine example of boundless creativity, with brilliant cut diamonds on the strap-holders and baguette cut sapphires of every colour.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy you, you can customise a Glashütte Original with engravings on the case underside. And at #SoBARNES, that's the kind of feature we love! Orders for customised watches can be placed in any Glashütte Original boutique or through any accredited retailer. Each model is unique as it is crafted in line with the specifications of an individual customer. Prices are therefore only available on request.

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