Château Minuty, King of Provence

For over 80 years, Château Minuty, an estate overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, has been producing one of Provence’s most famous wines on the planet.

Minuty… The name alone is enough to conjure the Saint-Tropez way of life. A property owned by the Matton-Farnet family since 1936, today, Château Minuty is present in more than 100 countries, each of its bottles an ambassador of the scents, aromas and flavours of Provence. Its worldwide success is no accident. The work done on the estate for three generations has been guided by respect for the earth and for this unparalleled site. The vineyard, remarkably well situated on the hillsides of the villages of Gassin and Ramatuelle, overlooks the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, whose wines benefit from its maritime climate. The sea breezes dry the vines after morning dew or rain and contribute to reducing the risk of disease.

The vines are cultivated using sustainable agriculture, without weed killers or pesticides, in a process of continuous improvement aimed at reducing the impact of its activities on the environment. These are virtuous practices rewarded in 2019 by Minuty’s obtaining the coveted High Environmental Value (HVE) certification. Here we are in the presence of one of the last estates in the Côtes de Provence where the harvest is entirely carried out by hand to ensure the perfect integrity of the grapes.

A pinnacle in pink and blue

Résultat, les vins produits exsudent un caractère délicat, marqué par l’air marin. A commencer par les grands rosés de Château Minuty, dont la base repose sur le cépage grenache, quand les blancs font appel au rolle et les rouges au traditionnel tandem syrah/mourvèdre. L’apogée étant atteinte avec la cuvée Château Minuty 281 ; 281 comme la couleur du pantone bleu qui sublime son flacon.

As a result, the wines produced exude a delicate character, marked by the sea air. Starting with the great rosés of Château Minuty, whose base depends on the Grenache grape variety, then the white wines produced mainly from the Rolle varietal, and the reds from the traditional Syrah/Mourvèdre tandem. The pinnacle being reached with the Château Minuty 281 cuvée; 281 as in the blue pantone colour reference number, which beautifies its bottle. A veritable distillation of Provence itself, produced in small quantities, this pale wine with translucent reflections offers an intense nose of great complexity. The delicacy of the white flesh fruit aromas is accentuated by iodine notes, giving it a unique character. The mouth is endowed with great depth with a mineral structure. And let this be our little secret: Château Minuty 281 is probably the only wine that is more prized than champagne on the beaches and hottest clubs of Saint-Tropez. In other words: a 100% #SoBARNES wine!

Château Minuty, 2491, route de la Berle, 83580 Gassin -


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