The most beautiful beaches in Mauritius

More than 160 km of fine, smooth sand. White in the north. Golden in the west, where the horizon seems to have no end. Glamour in the east. Adventure in the south. But all around us, the waters are crystal clear and coral reefs extremely vivid.

Framed by an extraordinary landscape of wild greenery and lush topography, the beaches in Mauritius are some of the best in the world. Here are some of our faves!

From dawn to dusk on Trou aux Biches

Trou aux Biches is known to be the very best beach in Mauritius, stretching 2 km on the north-west coast of Mauritius from the center of Port Louis to Grand Bay. Such acclaim is the result of not only its luxury establishments, but also its unusually soft and powdery white sand, the slight breeze that keeps body temperatures balances against the hot sun, and a breathtaking scenery typical to the coasts of Mauritius.

Trou aux Biches is multifaceted, like a gift that keeps on giving. Its impressive coral reef and crystal-clear waters make it the ideal destination to snorkel and swim. Its expansive surface area and clear skies encourage sessions of sunbathing, from sunrise to sunset. The wide selection of upscale beachside eateries and local food stands delight any and every taste-palate. Finally, the endless amount of aquatic activities offered will keep you and your children busy for hours on end. Without fault, each day on Trou aux Biches ends the same at sunset, in a spectacular blaze of glory.

Trou aux Biches Beach will be the one for you if …

  1. You and your family have the stamina
  2. You are curious about life under water
  3. You have a soft spot for beautiful melange of oranges, reds, and yellows

An HD Sea at Belle Mare

Unlimited. For us, this word describes paradise. Coincidentally, it also describes Belle Mare, a beach of infinite beauty on the island's east coast. It's also the island's longest beach, beginning at the charming Belle Mare village and ending at what seems to be a suitable stand-in for heaven, the sweet village of Trou d’Eau Douce.

Similar to its brother and sister beaches with the expected jaw-dropping features, but distinguished by the fact that it is simply without fault. A spectacular spectrum of colors, emeralds to turquoises, blending seamlessly with the deep blues of the lagoon against the pearly white sand, bordered by lush greenery that would bewilder any botanist. Nothing is left to the imagination.

The horizon is boundless. In the early mornings or late afternoons, walkers and joggers can't help but marvel. In between, during the day, visitors hang out at one of the beach's many bars and restaurants. A cult favorite is Laguna Bar at the Constance Le Prince Maurice, which also a superb venue for live music. But you'll find us at the floating bar called Barachos, whose millefeuille we enjoy ... without limit.

The Belle Mare without a doubt if …

  1. You don’t believe in photoshop
  2. You are training for a marathon (or walkathon)
  3. You live sans limite

Day Trip to Ile aux Cerfs

An island of an island is an islet, right? After a quick trip to Ile aux Cerfs, it won't matter because all worries will be long forgotten. Visit by yacht (it’s our preferred method of transportation), speedboat, or catamaran. Look back only for the incredible view of the mainland and its mountains, and leave everything else behind.

Ile aux Cerfs is approx. 87 hectares of land floating in Mauritius’ largest lagoon. Offering the typical medley of beautiful colors, this islet goes one step further, boasting elegant restaurants, a local bazaar, watersports galore, and extensive beach and land to discover. 38 of those (87) hectares, concentrated on the southern tip, are reserved for the petite island’s golf club, Île aux Cerfs Golf Club, and a golf course designed by pro-golfer Bernhard Langer. It’s very special, evident by its natural undulating topography, volcanic rocks, serene lakes, and tropical ecosystem to put’ put’ about.

Tip: To avoid the inevitable crowd of tourists, spend time at the exclusive Le Touessrok Hotel to have a unique and complete luxe experience.

Take the plunge to Ile aux Cerfs because …

  1. 1 vacation is never enough
  2. You have a thing for pretty boats
  3. You’re an explorer at heart

Where’s the party? On Flic en Flac

This beach is as fun as it sounds. Located on the west coastFlic en Flac is known for its local atmosphere and lively nightlife in the Black River region. The beach is, of course, beautiful (like the rest) and suitable for the usual tanning and long hours of relaxation, but its waters should not be taken lightly. Since the beach is surrounded by an active coral reef, it’s advised to proceed with caution at the risk of stepping on unwelcoming sea urchins.

The shoreline is scattered with beachfront bars, in addition to apartment complexes, souvenir shops, and luxurious holiday rentals. On weekends after the sun sets, the dozen clubs and bars light up the beach, becoming packed with tanned locals and tourists (but mostly locals) gyrating in unison to the to the soulful beats in front of the dark sea glistening in the moonlight. A unique atmosphere only made better by sips Chateau Labourdonnais rum.

It’s said that everyone ends up at Kenzi Bar, and we confirm, for a diverse crowd as well as great food, music, and drinks. However, for the dance-aholics, there is but one option, and that’s Shotz, an open-air beach bar-club where both young and old party till the sun decides to rise …

Follow the music here if …

  1. Party + Animal = You
  2. You prefer rum to wine
  3. You are prepared to fully immerse yourself in island life

Surf's up at Le Morne

At the tip of the peninsula, in the south-west corner of the island, a stunning mountain reigns. Le Morne and its dominion are surrounded by an exquisite beach and lagoon, completed with top-of-the-line hotels and amenities of the St Regis Mauritius and LUX* Le Morne resorts.

The public beach has an intimate setting, with coral sand, waters with great visibility, palm trees scattered about, and protected by the stunning view of the imposing Le Morne Mountain.

Adventurers and daredevils know this beach well. As a popular destination for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and regular surfing, this region of the island is known around the world for its year-round wind, so perfect that professional surfers travel from the four corners of the globe to master their craft. Some amateurs come to take part in the action, others come to watch the pros conquer the waves, often in amazement, always in serenity.

The beaches of Le Morne have what you need if …

  1. Kelly Slater is your idol
  2. Andy Irons is a close second
  3. Duke Kahanamoku is forever

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